Being jades sister

Hey I'm Selena Thirlwall yes I'm jade thirlwalls little sister im 18 and a party animal what happens when Selena goes on tour with little mix ?


3. chapter 2

Nialls pov

As I stepped out of the car I saw the most beautiful girl ever she had long dark hair that went down her back these amazing eyes that lit up when she smiled she was just amazing but she probably has a boyfriend anyways so I won't get my hopes up. Selena then showed the girls to there rooms jade showed us ours I was sharing with Liam . When I unpacked I really need the barroom so i I went to the first door I saw and opened it a crack to see if anyone said get out but they didn't so I opened it fully i then saw Selena crying I sat down next to her and asked whats wrong she whispered " my ex best friend just sent we a video of her and my boyfriend having sex " I pulled her onto my lap and hugged her tight she laded her head on my chest and silently friend while I played with her hair telling her it will be okay and he was an idiot to do that to you .

Selena's pov

I was in my room when I heard my phone ping , I went over to it and saw I had a text from my best friend I opened it and saw a video of her and my boyfriend having sex the caption with it said btw your ugly slut jakes going out with me now go die in a hole lov Rachel . I slid down the wall crying . How could he . Why . I heard the door open but I ignored it i then felt someone beside me . They then asked whats wrong I knew it was Niall because of the irish accent I told what had happened he then pulled me into his lap and played with my hair telling me its alright . He is so sweet . I think me and Niall are gonna be friends .

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