Being jades sister

Hey I'm Selena Thirlwall yes I'm jade thirlwalls little sister im 18 and a party animal what happens when Selena goes on tour with little mix ?


2. chapter 1

Selena's pov

"Selena hurry up jade will be here soon " my mum hollered up the stairs .shit I mumbled . I quickly ran to the bathroom and had a shower i then brushed my teeth and hair .now the task of finding an outfit I thought as I was looking in my wardrobe ah ha this should do . A pair of denim high waisted shorts with a white lace crop top and black trainer wedges . I ran down stairs and heard a car pull into the driveway .

Jades pov

We pulled into my old driveway . I ran out of the car to the front door which was already open to see Selena with her arms open I jumped into her and gave her a massive hug "I missed you so much selbel" " I missed you to jadeyboo "Perrie ,Leigh , Jesy and the boys came out . "Selena this is perrie , Leigh , Jesy and the boys are harry , Niall , zayn , Liam and Louis " Selena smiled and said " hey its so nice to finally meet you guys "

Me and Selena are best friends i haven't seen her in about 7 months i missed her so much . Then my mum came out crying and hugging me and the girls . Selena suggest we show the girls and boys there rooms

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