Dont be Scared// Lashton

"I didn't care what would happen in the next twenty four hours. He was there. Beside me. We were together for now, without him worrying about anything else. Without either of us being scared."

Story may start slow but it gets better(:


1. Prologue


My eyes were locked to the guy that stood across the room at this heavily crowded party. Dozens of girls had tried to dance with him, to get a taste of what it would be like to do that. Hell, a few guys had even tried to get the guy in bed with them. He would frown at all of them, wave them off without even saying anything. I didn't want to take my chances, after all, I was a guy too. The red bandana in his hair was the only color he wore beside the yellow letters in the corner of his shirt. 

"Is that your new guy candy for the week?" A voice caused me to hesitantly take my eyes off of the guy who was, yet again, turning down a girl that wasn't even slutty, actually she was what most straight guys call beautiful. I shook my head at Michaels, one of my best mates, assumptions. 

"I don't even know his name Mikey." I sighed because it was getting ridiculous, staring at a guy who I didn't even know. 

"Go ask him to dance." He shrugged his shoulders and it made me roll my eyes. 

"He's literally turned down every person that's came up to him, and that's /a lot/ of people." I stared into Michaels eyes and he glanced at the guy before chuckling. 

"That's probably why." He smirked at me and then nodded his head to the stranger. He had his arm around the waist of a girl. The girl had dirty blonde hair, but the tips of it were blue and pink. She was laughing at something he had said, making a proud grin find its way onto his face. 

"I can find somebody else." I rolled my eyes because a lot of people wanted to get with me as well, boys and girls because I'm openly bisexual. 

"Want me to get Calum to check him out?" He must've read my mind because even though I wouldn't admit it, this guy intrigued me and I wanted to know him

"Do what you want." I shrugged carelessly and brought my red plastic cup to my lips. He rolled his eyes and walked over to where Calum, my other best mate, was chatting with some guys from the football team. I let my eyes scan the party and stopped on a very attractive guy who was looking at me.

I smirked and bit my lip ring seductively before putting my red cup on the counter and walking towards the guy whose name I wouldn't be able to remember in the morning. 

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