Dont be Scared// Lashton

"I didn't care what would happen in the next twenty four hours. He was there. Beside me. We were together for now, without him worrying about anything else. Without either of us being scared."

Story may start slow but it gets better(:


3. Chapter Two


Were my lungs still working? Could I still speak? I didn't know what was going on. All I saw was the Ashton's girlfriend furiously kissing a guy that I knew wasn't Ashton. What should I do? Confront her? Take a picture? The latter seemed better. I hesitantly made my way over there and casually leaned against the wall beside them, taking my phone out and taking a picture. The flash caused her to jump away from the guy and turn towards me. 

"No- Luke, please." She sputtered out and I shook my head no, causally walking away. I was at a party, by myself because nobody wanted to come since it was a Saturday and a lot of studying was going on. It's been two weeks since I saw Ashton at that party, since then nothing has really happened beside the fact I spend time with Louis and Harry sometimes. I sighed as a red cup was handed to me, I was getting stressed and I knew just how to relieve it. I looked around the party before my eyes stopped on a guy that was trying to get away from this slutty girl. I grinned and walked over to them, slipping my arm around the lad that had dark brown hair. 

"Why are you flirting with my boyfriend." I growled at the girl and she immediately backed away and scurried out to the dance floor. I burst out laughing before turning towards the guy. 

"Thanks." He spoke awkwardly. 

"Your Luke, right? I see you during lunch sometimes sitting outside." He said, sticking his hands in his skinny jeans. 

"Yeah. What's your name?" I asked him flirtatiously, not caring if he was gay or not. 

"Why do you need it?" He asked coyly and I laughed before leaning in close to his ear and letting my hot breath hit it, causing him to shiver. 

"I'll be screaming it later." I winked at him as his face turned red and he bit his lip. 

I didn't like that today was Monday. Monday meant that I had to break the bad news to Ashton. Monday also meant getting up early. 

"Hey lads." Ashton smiled and I looked up to see Jessica attached to his hip, biting her nails furiously. She was clearly nervous. 

"Ashton." I smiled widely. "How was your weekend?" I asked and his own lips grinned. 

"Great. Jessica was extra sweet to me." He sighed in content and I raised an eyebrow at the girl who now had red and blue tips in her hair.

"I actually need to talk to you." I said, looking into his eyes. "Alone." I glanced at Jessica for the last part. She was pleading for me not to, with her eyes. 

"I was drunk!" She suddenly yelled. "It was nothing Ashton. You know I love you!" She flailed her arms around as she stood up. I stood up as well and Ashton followed me. 

"What?" He asked as he scrunched his eyebrows together. 

"That party I went to Saturday?" I said askingly and he motioned for me to continue. "I caught Jessica cheating on you." I places my hand on his arm and he pushed it away harshly. 

"You're lying." He rolled his eyes. "Jessica, tell me he's lying." Instead of her answering, she just looked down. 

"I took a picture of it." I said cautiously, not caring that Cal and Mikey were watching this whole thing. 

"Can- Can I see it?" He asked me, still in disbelief. I nodded my head and grabbed my phone before showing him the picture. 

"Baby-" Jessica's voice was cut off by Ashton's strong Australian one. 

"Don't call me that. Actually, just get away from me. We're done." I has the strong urge to jump up and down, be happy and giddy. But I didn't for Ashton's sake. He ran a hand through his hair, causing the black bandana to come out. He sighed and fixed his hair again before turning to me. 

"Umm.. Thanks." He looked down. 

"She was starting to get annoying anyways I guess." He sighed and I smiled sadly at him before shaking my head. 

"Ashton, you don't need to thank me. I'm your friend and I felt like you should know." I rolled my eyes before he thanked me again and went back to awkwardly chewing on his sandwich. 

"Luke!" The voice caused me to jump slightly, but I shook it off and craned my neck to see Nathan standing there with a small smirk. 

"Nathan, sit down." I smiled at him and he shrugged before taking a seat beside me on the bright green grass. "This is Nathan, I met him at the party Saturday." I smiled a genuine smile because we didn't have sex. We flirted shamelessly with each other before we exchanged numbers and took me to his flat, I was to drunk to drive and it was about three in the morning. 

"I'm Calum, this is Mikey and Ashton." Calum smiled at the lad and I took a chance to take in his appearance without being drunk, or tipsy. He hair was up in a small quiff at the front, reminding me of Calum's hair. His eyes were a dark blue/green and he had a tattoo on his wrist. He was super attractive and was taller than me, about 6'3 while I was a bit over 6'0. I usually liked a guy or girl that was shorter than me. I paused as I realized what I had just said. Like him? Did I like him? I barely knew the guy. I knew he was hot, sexy even. I knew I liked the way we flirted with each other and I liked his confidence. That's all though, but was that enough to like someone? 

"Luke!" I heard Calum yell into my ear and my eyes shot open and I glared at the not so Asian guy. 

"What?" I asked, my lips in a small pout. I heard Nathan chuckle and sent him a small smile before turning back to Cal. 

"I asked you if you were going to that party Friday." Luke Hemmings and parties just mixed. It was rare that I wasn't at a party every Friday, sometimes Saturday. I didn't like labels, but that's what society was about and I guess you could say I'm a bit of a player. All of a sudden I didn't want to be that guy anymore, the one sleeping with a different person every weekend. The guy that would fuck anything as long as it has two legs. The guy that just didn't care. I suddenly started thinking of my future, by the time I was out of college I wanted to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend that I could marry and have a kid with, or adopt one with. 

"No." The answer I gave shocked everyone, including Ashton. "I was gonna ask Nathan if he wanted to go on a date with me." That seemed to shock them more, but Nathan only grinned at me. 

"What?" Michael asked me and I nodded my head to confirm that I wasn't going, I would be going on a date. I turned to Nathan and smiled at him before raising an eyebrow.

"So, would you like to go on a date with me this Friday Nathan I don't know your last name?" My lips were in the famous pout and he rolled his eyes slightly and nodded his head. 

"It's Ski but sure." He kissed my cheek before standing up and waving to everyone. I smirked and turned towards the three stunned lads. 

"It's the charm." I chuckled before standing up myself and going towards my car. 

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