Dont be Scared// Lashton

"I didn't care what would happen in the next twenty four hours. He was there. Beside me. We were together for now, without him worrying about anything else. Without either of us being scared."

Story may start slow but it gets better(:


4. Chapter Three


Why was I so nervous? I was always a confident person when it came to relationships or just sex. Why wasn't I feeling confident? Why were my palms sweating? Why had I already bitten my lip so much I drew blood? The date would be simple. We were going to go eat some food at this small diner, then I was taking him go cart racing and we would end the night in some hot steamy sex. Maybe. Sometimes, not a lot, I would see this girl on campus and in order for me to get into her pants I would have to take her on a date or two. Tell her some crappy stuff and then dump her after we had sex one or two times, depending on how good she was. It wasn't exactly like that now, I didn't want to just have sex with him a few times and leave. I wanted to take him on a bunch of dates and I wanted to meet his family, I wanted to have a future. I honestly don't think it's him, I don't think I actually want to have a future with /him/, I'm just in desperate need for a future that I'm willing to go for the first one that caught my eyes. 

"You look good." I kissed Nathan's cheek as we stood in front of the go carts. It was mandatory that we wore a helmet and he looked /dashing/ in it. 

"As do you." His British accent got thicker as he spoke and I had to bite my lip ring. 

"Alright!" The lady that was timing u and what not yelled. "get inside your carts." We did as she instructed, ignoring everyone else that was also racing us. I got inside mine, number 14, before starting it and winking at Nathan who sat in number 36. He returned the gesture before mimicking my actions and turning forward. I grabbed my sunnies and put them on my eyes before staring at the lady who had the flag. 

"Go!" She yelled and I took off without another glance. After three laps around the big track, racing about seven other people, I ended up coming in third while Nathan came in fourth. 

This isn't how I planned for the night to end. I didn't know that Nathan was on drugs, or had drugs with him. I swear. Me and Nathan were driving back to his flat, when we got pulled over for speeding. The police officer had to check my vehicle and apparently us too. Nathan had hid his bag of weed in my glove department and had a small bag of cocaine stuffed into his coat pocket. To say I was pissed was an understatement. 

"You get one phone call a piece." I sat on the far edge of the jail cell, as far away from Nathan as possible. I immediately stood up and followed him out towards the stupid pay phone type things, glaring at Nathan as I did. "If the person does not answer you may call until they do." The police officers voice was stern and it was slightly scaring me. I dialed the number I knew by heart, Calum's number. He didn't answer. I sighed. And dialog Mikey's number. He didn't answer either. I wasn't a stalker or anything, I just happened to know Ashton's number by heart as well. 

"Hello?" He asked, I could tell he was breathing heavily and I wondered if he went to the party with Mike and Cal. 

"Ashton." I said, my voice slightly mumbled. "This is really embarrassing." I started out. "But I need you to come bail me out of jail." He gasped at my words and I heard some shuffling around. 

"What did you do? How much? Which jail?" He threw questions at me and I rubbed my temple.

"I'll tell you if you come. 2,00£ and the local Sydney jailhouse." He gasped again, I don't know why. 

"Luke, I'm a fucking college student. I don't have 2,00£." Oh. It wasn't a lie that I came from an extremely rich family. 

"You can go to the flat I share with Cal and Mikey and in my underwear drawer, there's like 15,000£ and you can grab 2,00 of it." I said gadfly because I didn't know how much time I had on the phone. 

"Oh- Umm.. Alright." He mumbled and I thanked him before hanging up. As I turned around I saw that Nathan was leaning up against the concrete, dirty, walls and was rubbing his temples. I couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy towards him, but it washed away as I realized I was here because of him. His eyes opened and they met my bright blue ones, they told me how sorry he was. I didn't care how sorry he was, he could've at least told me. He could have not hid it in my vehicle. He could have not brought it at all. 

"Luke." He said and I realized he was walking towards me. 

"What?" I asked him with my arms crossed, my eyebrow raised. 

"I'm sorry." He sighed and I rolled my eyes because I wasn't having it. This was his fault. "I should've at least told you. I don't want this to affect our relationship." I almost started laughing as he placed a hand on my shoulder gently. He seemed so sincere I almost gave into him. Almost. 

"Relationship?" I laughed cruelly and smirked at him. "This wasn't a relationship Nathan. This was me taking you on a date to get in your pants." That was a lie, but I wasn't going to give into him. I didn't want him to see me being all emotional. 

"You're such a dick Luke. I'll be impressed the day someone makes you settle down." His glare was intense, but I didn't care. He was the bad guy here, not me. I didn't want to take his words to heart, but I couldn't help it. Did people really think that? That I wasn't exactly relationship material? I knew I wasn't, but that didn't mean I knew how obvious it was. 

"I'll be impressed if anyone comes to get you out of here." I smirked at him and he frowned, looking down. 

"Could whoever that's bailing you out of here bail me out too?" He sounded so hopeful, but I just shook my head. 

"I did nothing wrong here. This is your fault Nathan. I would be happy to bail you out of here, if it wasn't your fault that I was here in the first place." I didn't want to sound like a heartless douche bag, but I did. He sighed and backed away from me before going back into the holding cell, I followed him in there. 

"Lucas Hemmings?" I blushed slightly at my full first name, it was embarrassing. 

"That's me." I had to hold my grin in because it had been two hours since me and Ashton had the phone call. I was starting to think he wasn't coming, that I was going to have to beg these guys to call my mum. That would be bad because my mum can be a bit over dramatic sometimes. The police officer, who had a name tag labeled Jerry, lead me to the entrance and I grinned when I saw Ashton standing there awkwardly, his hands deep inside his pockets. I was happy that Ashton was a twenty year old, otherwise I really would've had to call my mum. 

"Ashton!" I yelled and jumped into his arms, causing him to groan and drop me. I pouted and stood up, turning to the cop. 

"You're very lucky to have a boyfriend like that." He grinned before giving us a nod of his head and turning around towards Ashton, who was redder than a cherry. I laughed and kissed his cheek before walking out to his car. 

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