Dont be Scared// Lashton

"I didn't care what would happen in the next twenty four hours. He was there. Beside me. We were together for now, without him worrying about anything else. Without either of us being scared."

Story may start slow but it gets better(:


2. Chapter One


"So I got the info on the guy from the party that Luke was drooling over." Calum said and I had to stop myself from jumping up and down like a little girl. Instead I just raised an eyebrow and shrugged carefully. 

"Yeah?" I asked like I didn't care but I was super happy to find more out about this bloke. 

"Yeah. His name is Ashton, he's just moved here from Perth and he's going to our Uni. His girlfriend came with him, her name is Jessica." Calum gave us the outline of this guy and I smirked lightly before nodding. 

"He sounds like a nice bloke." Michael came into our conversation and I nodded my head along with him. 

"Yeah. Are you guys riding with me to school?" I asked them as we sat in our lounge room, staring at a blank Telly. 

"I'm still hungover from that party Friday." Mikey groaned and I chuckled because I knew he wasn't, he was just a lazy bastard that wanted to eat the rest of the cold pizza that say in our refrigerator. 

"Yeah, we are." Cal answered for him and it caused Mike to glare at the younger lad. 

"C'mon." I rolled my eyes as I grabbed the keys to my car. 

Michael, Calum and I all had morning classes on Monday. They both went to a chemistry type class while I went to my highly advanced math class. Most of the people on the lecture were in their twenties, I was only 18 and a freshman. As I entered, I noticed that Ashton sat in the last row of seats, the seat where I usually sit. I casually took the one beside him, forcing him to look up from his phone and stare at me. 

"Hey, I'm Luke." I held my hand out and he looked at it for a second before sighing and shaking it. I bit my lip ring because yes, I got him to talk to me. My smirk never fell as the professor walked into the room and said for us to get our notebooks and pens out. As the class went on, I would notice how Ashton would stick his tongue out in concentration, or sigh in annoyance when he stared at the clock. 

"If you glare at it, it's not gonna go any faster." I whispered to him as the professor rambled on about something I hadn't quite caught onto yet. It only caused his glare to shift from the large clock on the wall to my eyes. His eyes were a hazel color, beautiful none the less. 

"I know that Captain Obvious." He whispered harshly and I chucked silently before biting my lip again. 

"I never quite caught your name." Seconds were left in the classroom, but I wanted to hear his voice again. As the professor told us we could leave, Ashton was the first to stand up. I watched him intently as he gathered his things and turned around towards me. 

"Ashton." He said cooly before turning around and rushing out of the room, leaving me sitting there with a wide smile on my face. 

"He's literally the sexiest human being I've ever saw before." I gushed to Cal and Mikey as we sat in front of a tree on campus for lunch. I only had two lectures on Monday, one in the morning and one at 8pm at night. Calum had two morning classes and Michael had the same as me, but thankfully we all ate lunch together everyday. 

"You're in luck my friend." Calum grinned at me. "He's walking over here now." It made me turn around quickly and I frowned as I saw his girlfriend walking with him. 

"Jerk." I whispered harshly to Cal and he winked at me with a sly smirk. 

"Ashton!" He stood up to greet the lad and I rolled my bright blue eyes slightly. After the greetings, Ashton and his girlfriend, whose name had slipped my mind the moment it entered, sat down. 

"Hey Ashton." I smirked at the guy and he turned to me with his eyes slightly wide. 

"Umm.. Luke, right?" He asked nervously and I nodded my head with a smirk. "This is my girlfriend, Jessica." He pointed to the girl that still had blue and pink in her hair. It didn't suit her at all. 

"Hey, I'm Luke." I said flatly and turned back around towards my friends who were holding in their laughs. 

"Hey Luke." Mike chuckled and I raised an eyebrow. "There's that guy you fucked Friday." He smirked and I turned around to see the curly haired lad I had sex with Friday night, staring at me. I smirked and winked at him seductively, making his cheeks heat up slightly. My smirk only widened and I motioned for him to wait a second before turning back around to my friends. 

"I'm gonna go talk to him." Cal raised an eyebrow at my words and I laughed loudly before adding on. "In a closet." I winked and they all laughed, except for Ashton and Jessica. 

"You're gay?" Jessica asked me with a look of disgust on her face and I raised an eyebrow at how stupid it was to judge me. 

"Bisexual." I winked at her before standing up and walking to the green eyes lad that was rapping his foot impatiently. 

"Wanna talk?" I asked him, making my voice go deeper than usual. 

"Does talking include you slamming me up against a wall and screaming my name?" He whispered into my ear and slightly nibbled it, making me grin widely. 

"I don't know your name." I smirked at him and he returned it. 

"It's-" A feminine voice cut him off. 

"Harry?" We both turned to see a guy with brown hair, facial hair and tattoos walking over to us. He was super attractive and I smirked at him, ready to turn my charm on. 

"Hey babe." Harry pecked the lips of the guy and I raised an eyebrow at the curly haired guy who only pleaded with me through his eyes.

"This is my friend.." He trailed off and I laughed before shrugging. 

"I'm Luke. What's your name?" I stuck my hand out and the guy grinned at it before shaking it. 

"I'm Louis. Any friend that's a friend of Harry's is a friend of mine!" He was practically shouting and I was about to burst out laughing. 

"Are you guys dating?" I casually stuck my hands into the pockets of my skinny jeans as I spoke. 

"Yep!" Louis said excitedly and intertwined their fingers together. "For four years." I almost started choking, but casually turned it into a normal cough. 

"Well that's great. I just came to chat with Harry here." I stopped to glance at the guy who seemed seriously guilty. "Bye now." My Australian accent got thicker as I turned around and walked back to where my friends were all looking at me with questioning glances. 

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