The Days Before The Fall (Script)

Tom, a 16 year old orphan narrates the days leading up to 'The Fall'.

Written for a film competition


1. The Days Before The Fall

The Days before The Fall

Scene 1

Dark, static-y background, a series of drawings of hand/eye with a voice over

Voice Over: Falling. Falling again. But why? Where have I come from? My body is unfamiliar, strange and unnatural. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who I was. But I know that I am falling again.

As I fall, I look around me. Darkness. Nothing is here, no one is here. This world is empty. Or, perhaps not, now I see, a light, or glowing, something, is coming towards me. I can finally see myself, I do not recognise my body, but, my hands. These hands are my hands. I remember. I am falling again.

Why do I remember? I have a friend, I can see them, but their face is blurred. I remember the days before the fall. Fall. Falling. Falling again.


Scene 2

Tom is walking along a street/path, credits appear behind him. The voice over continues

Voice Over: Another cold winter morning, Christmas is almost here, but I don’t feel jolly. All the talk of goodwill and cheer just highlights my loneliness. I’ve never liked Christmas; there are too many memories and, so little for me to look forward to. The chill of the winter air doesn’t bother me; I often go out in the morning after the school term ends. There has been little snow this year, no crunching of icy flakes beneath my feet. Somehow, this year it feels like winter never arrived. Still, here I am, Christmas Eve, alone.

Tom stops walking

Enter Ancora, stands next to him without looking at him

Voice Over: Well, almost alone. Most of my friends live away from here or have gone on far flung holidays to tropical islands or something. But one friend never leaves: Ancora. 

Tom: Hello again

Ancora: Hi

Tom: Is something wrong?

Ancora: No

Tom: Good, but, why are you here then?

Ancora: I wanted to talk

Tom: About what?

Ancora: Anything

Tom: Alright (smiles) so, looking forward to Christmas?

The conversation continues as they walk away, the voice over returns as we see more silent conversation. (Happy).

Voice Over: No one else sees her, but I do, without her, I have little to live for. She is always there, but never truly here.

Scene 3

Ancora stands neutrally, facing the camera

Ancora: I was once like you, we all were. We don’t have a name, but we know what we are. I fell when I was 15. I remember little of my life before then. I remember more every day. I was lonely. I had few friends. My parents had left me when I was 4 years old, I lived in an orphanage. But, that is not important. I am not normal. Most of us accept what has happened and move on. I did not. I have visited your world many times, trying to find a way in. You are the only person I have spoken to since I fell. I wish to make a difference. I want to prepare you.

Tom: For what?

Ancora: Isn’t it obvious?

She turns and walks away, she vanishes

Tom: Wait, what? Come back

Scene 4

Resume as in Scene 2

Voice Over: She wasn't like this when I first met her; she had very little personality and she just tended to scare people away. And I don't know what she's preparing me for, but I know that even though I'm lonelier than ever, I feel...much more alive

The sound of the ongoing conversation returns

Tom: So I said, it’s not like I have any friends

He smiles before an awkward pause, Ancora looks him dead in the eye

Ancora: Don’t think like that, you have friends.

Tom: Have you heard the things they say about me? You haven’t gone unnoticed.

Ancora looks down, ashamed

Ancora: I’m sorry

Tom: It’s not your fault you’re an ethereal entity invisible to all but me

They laugh, but Ancora still looks upset

Ancora: I guess… anyway, I need to go

Tom: Wait! Come tomorrow… for Christmas. I want you to be there

Ancora smiles

Ancora: OK

Tom: Good… bye then

Fade to black

Scene 5

Tom is sat, drawing; Ancora is stood in front of him. A photo of his parents is on his desk. Greyscale

Voice over: My parents died a week before my fourteenth birthday. I have lived with my uncle since then, but he doesn’t take any interest in me. Christmas is the worst time, when everyone else is enjoying themselves; I know I will be alone. Or as good as alone. Which is why I invited Ancora to visit me this Christmas; I need company. I always remember my parents at Christmas.

Picks up photo, Ancora looks over at him

Voice over: Their laughing, their joking, their smiling. To know love like that is the one thing I miss the most. I know that I will never know love like that again. Because, they are dead and I am alone.

He drops the photo and cries, Ancora walks over to him, he ignores her and continues crying.

Voice Over: That Christmas was the best Christmas of my life. But Ancora's prolonged visits worried me. Only now I realise that she was preparing me. Preparing me for The Fall.

Scene 6

Tom and Ancora are talking again, by a pond on a cold winter morning

Voice over: Boxing Day. I had had a headache towards the end of Christmas Day, but it had not subsided. I assumed it was just the excitement of the day before. But perhaps not. It was dizzying when it came at its worst. I asked Ancora about it, but she said it was nothing to worry about. But when on the 27th I collapsed. I knew something was wrong.

Tom: What’s going on?

Ancora: You’re probably dehydrated

Tom: Probably

Ancora: So, how’s the drawing going?

Tom: mm? Oh, alright, I reckon I’ll finish it before the end of the year.

Ancora: I look forward to it

Tom: I wouldn’t get your hopes up

Ancora: Oh come on, you know you’re a good artist

Tom: I still can’t draw people

Ancora: It’ll come with practice I’m sure

Tom: Perhaps

They continue talking as the voice over returns.

Voice over: She asked me to draw her about a month ago. She can’t see herself, so she wanted to know what she looks like. Apparently she changes form often. So I began to draw, every spare moment put into that portrait. As a time-filler it worked a treat, hours passed in minutes as I painstakingly added every little detail. I spent far too much time on it, but I was determined to finish it.

Scene 7

By a pond, Tom is on the floor, Ancora kneels next to him

Voice over: On the 28th I collapsed again, this time I did not recover and Ancora finally came clean.

Ancora voice over: I’m sorry, you’re not going to last much longer.

Voice Over: What?

AVO: You will fall, as I once did and you will never see your family again

VO: What? No!

AVO: Shhh. Try to relax, when you fall, I will be there and you will not be alone, ever again.

VO: Why me? Why not some other pathetic teenager?

AVO: Because you have hope, you have something to live for…

Ancora bends down and whispers something in Tom’s ear

Fade to black

Vo: I slipped away. She was right, I was never lonely again. Now I realise that there is so muc h more to this world than what others think of you. So much more. Be ready, be ready for The Fall. Because it is coming, and when it does, hope will prevail.

On screen:


From the Latin Ančora, meaning Anchor

A symbol of hope, refuge, comfort and strength

Fade to white


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