Englishness (A Real Word)

This is a collection of my writings from my English classes this year. I will give a brief explanation for each one. I would very much appreciate CC on these, as I'm never too sure whether they work or not.


3. Swimming Pool 3

For your amusement, I'm including a note that the person I sit next to wrote when we were supposed to be doing constructive criticism for this piece: quite a sad/dipressing mood as it sounds like you are not in water it just sound depressing


Screaming, yelling, crying, the children splashed and played in the azure waters. As I surveyed the mess of bodies and water before me, a blanket of wetness rushed to consume me. Slowly dripping, I turned away to head toward the calmer, quieter adults sunbathing on the lush grass. It wasn't over yet. A slippery tile, determined to prolong my torment, caught hold of my foot and then I was falling, falling. Laughter chased me to my parents.

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