Englishness (A Real Word)

This is a collection of my writings from my English classes this year. I will give a brief explanation for each one. I would very much appreciate CC on these, as I'm never too sure whether they work or not.


2. Swimming Pool 2 (Forest)

This isn't about a pool, but it's the only one, so I thought I should put it in this section, as it still was part of the description lesson.


Rough and ridged, the bark of the oak scraped against my knees with a sharp pain. The dappled sunlight cast emerald light far below me onto the leaf-coated ground. A gust of wind and I clung to my spindly branch as rustling filled my ears. Suddenly, the metallic tang of blood flooded through my mouth and I realised I had bitten my lip. Inhaling the distinct fragrance of the forest I reached for the next branch.

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