Englishness (A Real Word)

This is a collection of my writings from my English classes this year. I will give a brief explanation for each one. I would very much appreciate CC on these, as I'm never too sure whether they work or not.


1. Swimming Pool 1

The next few chapters will be short descriptions of swimming pools (one is a forest, but shush) that I wrote in English as part of lessons to improve descriptive language. 


A crystal pool laps against your feet. A sniff and the salt hits you like a punch to the senses, blowing in from the ocean. Splash. The coolness of the water steals your breath, a sharp contrast to the fire in the air. A sigh of contentment escapes you as you float on the surface, drinking in the calm. A coccoon of stillness envelops the pool, broken only by the faint chirping of a bird. Everything gleams, pristine and bright in the midday sun.

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