Someone Like You


All she wanted was... Him.

Kayley Neville a 14 year old girl that is stuck in a never ending loop of... Love.

Kayley has been in love with this guy, Omar Spring for far too long.

Omar has never made a move yet, but Kayley is still determined for him to be hers one day.

Will she ever get Omar? Or will she have to face the facts and stay friends?


2. That's not right...

I step up on the yellow school bus. As I walked down the aisle, so many faces were staring at me like I did something wrong. I quickly walk down the aisle and sit next to my best friend Valerie. "Hey Val." I say while I sit down next to her and put my backpack on my lap. "Hey KayKay, are you ready for the math test today?" Val says seemingly sounds excited for the test. "Ah, I didn't study." I shrugged. "I've had a lot on my mind lately..." I say ashamed of my foolish actions keeping me away from my education. "It's Omar isn't it?" Val says like she can read my mind. "Yeah, it is, I know me and Omar are really good friends and all but I can't stop thinking about him, I can't get over him..." I hide my face in my arms, I didn't know what Val is going to say next. "Kay, you need to let go of him, isn't chasing him around for almost a year enough? You should just stay friends with him." " I can't though, he likes someone and I'm going to find out."

"So many people charging through one door" I say while jumping off the stairs onto the sidewalk to Val. "Hah, right." We hold the front doors while we walk by for the next person behind us. We talk up a storm while we causally walk to our lockers. I get to mine and put in my combination. The lock swirling from right to left. I turn my back to see who's coming by and Omar looking right at me. He's smiles. I obviously smile back. He goes right to his locker that is only a couple lockers away from mine. I get all my materials I will need for the first 3 classes. I grab my science, history, and technology. I close my locker and smile at Omar. He looks at me and smiles back. I walk down to my homeroom class.

"We go to study hall now?" "Mhm" Gabriella says while nodding. I zone out, thinking about who Omar possibly likes. The classroom is full already and I see a seat available next to Omar and Richard. I sit next to Omar and a direct "Hey Kayley" is appointed to me while I put my books down on the desk. "Hey" I say to Omar and Richard. We talked pretty much the whole time. Laughing hysterically hysterically at Omar and Richard's jokes. Omar and I would look at each other and just laugh. Maybe, just maybe Omar might like me. He's been more friendlier towards me, laughing at my jokes more, smiling towards me. Or am I just thinking of what I want to hear again? It just doesn't seem right...

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