Someone Like You


All she wanted was... Him.

Kayley Neville a 14 year old girl that is stuck in a never ending loop of... Love.

Kayley has been in love with this guy, Omar Spring for far too long.

Omar has never made a move yet, but Kayley is still determined for him to be hers one day.

Will she ever get Omar? Or will she have to face the facts and stay friends?


1. Him.

I couldn't sleep that night. I sat on my relaxing bed, with my arms back, staring out the window. I stared at the glistening moon in the dark night sky standing there still, all perfect. The only reason I couldn't go to sleep that night was one thing. Him. I smile foolishly thinking about how perfect me and Omar would be. Day dreaming continuously about him. I turn my head at the clock on my night stand. 11:34pm. I turn my head back and sigh. I murmur to myself, "what am I even doing, he'll never like me.." I tuck my blanket over me. The silkiness of the blanket puts me to sleep instantly.

I dreamed a perfect dream. A dream about me an Omar. We were holding hands on a wooden bench. The bench was placed perfectly on a cliff top. We looked over the night city. Each building lit up all magnificent. He tilt his head at me. Smiling at me. I tilt my head at him. Smiling wider. We kissed. His bright blue eyes so beautiful, looking into my green eyes. He put his hand on my shoulder and said "I love yo-..." It ended. It just vanished, disappeared from my eyes. That perfect moment now lost in the void. " Honey get ready for school!" Great school. No literally, I get to see Omar! "Okay mom!" I holler back to her.

Last foot in, there. I slip on my light brown boots and sprint over to my standup-mirror. I check myself out. I tidy my grey sweater that say "Ulimmits", the new fashion store that opened at the mall a couple weeks ago. I zip up the zipper of my bleach-washed skinny jeans and make sure my boots look just fine. I fix my curled blonde hair and put on my new mascara. I grab my backpack and smack open my door and charge down stairs. I grab a piece of toast my mom made me. "Thanks mom" and I bolt out the door. "Bye Kayley, love you!" She yells back at me while I sprint to the bus.

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