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Okay, no one may not believe me once I say this but I found more evidence about Anna Todd, the writer of After. (If you saw my last mumble that I wrote in late August so you'll know what I'm talking about!) okay, so I'm part of the Anti After thing that's on Twitter and I found out what else Anna did! Not only is After almost the same plot as 50SOG and she copied quotes from other stories, she plagiarized someone else's story on Wattpad! She was friends with this girl named Walrusharry on Wattpad but then Anna got jealous of her and became bitchy to her. So then Anna stole her story and lied to her readers that Walrusharry stole her ideas and let her fans send the poor girl hate and it made her start cutting herself again. What a great idol you are Anna! Sarcasm! Instead of reporting Anna, Walrusharry deactivated her Wattpad do to all the hate she was getting. I just can't believe Anna is getting money from her "book" that she didn't write! Like Anna is 25 years old and should know better. None of Anna's fans believe that she did this and it's so annoying. Anna just acts so innocent but she really isn't. 

Another thing I found was, Anna's "friend" is harassing teenagers on Twitter who don't like After and complaining about it on his Wattpad book that he's writing called "Haters are going to hate" or something like that. He stalks 1D fans twitters and if he see's one tweet that people are talking about him after he harassed them, he'd "bust" them and write it in his stupid book using their twitter name! I reported the book and I hope they remove it because what he's doing is illegal. Most of the girls he's harassing are underage. But Anna isn't doing anything to make him stop! Because obviously she doesn't care that her fans and friends are harassing others that don't like her story!

I also reported After for plagiarizing. But I need to find Walrusharry so she can send her copy along with Anna's to Wattpad to prove that Anna stole her story! But I somehow can't find her. Once Walrusharry deleted her twitter, she disappeared. If anyone that has a Wattpad and followed Walrusharry but know where she is now, PLEASE tell me so I can have her send her copy to Wattpad. Because if she does and they find that Anna stole her story then After will be removed and maybe Anna will be sued. 



I know I talked about her already but this is SERIOUS BUSINESS! ANNA FUCKING TODD WAS MENTIONED ON THE NEWS! They said she wrote After for her 'favorite boy band' when she's clearly not even a fan! She said no one will know it's about Harry but SHE LIED AGAIN! I don't know how she's getting away with this I've literally had it with her now! She plagiarized someone else's story on Wattpad but she's getting money and fame just from her trashy story. She doesn't deserve this at all! Like there are tons of other fanfics out there that deserve more fame, like Chaotic by, weyhey_harry for example, The Black Swan by, writetospeak, and especially Damaged and Dealing With Absense by, DaniGomes. The reason why After is so popular is because 1. Harry is in it 2. All it has is porn 3. tons of younger fans read it. Like she's not an idol or a role model, she's a liar and illegal but no one seems to care. Okay, before I shut up because I know this is my third time complaining about her but if you have a Twitter, please help us trend #SuspendAnnaTodd and #ReportAnnaTodd people are starting to open their eyes and helping us trend them but WE NEED MORE!!!!! We can't let Anna ruin Harry. If you're with me HELP TREND THEM! If Modest! can stop Larry shippers, even though they didn't do anything wrong, then they can stop Anna Todd.

I know I'm going to get hate once I say this but I'm getting tired of After! If you ask me, it doesn't deserve to get published and put into a movie. I know it's just a 'fanfic' but still, it's going to ruin Harry's image along with Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis'. In all 3 After books, Harry abuses Tessa and he even made her have sex with him when she was on her period, like that is disgusting and people who read it call it 'love' but abuse and rape isn't LOVE! But it disgusts me even more that they want a relationship like Hessa. So you actually want a man to abuse you sexually, emotionally, and violently? Now that is pathetic. You should want a relationship with someone that wouldn't lay a hand on you like that. Harry in real life wouldn't even fucking hit a girl he loves or any girl that he knows because he was raised right! Anne (Des too) raised him to be a gentleman but if After ends up getting published, the media is just going to continue to write about him being "the next Christian Gray", a 'womanizer', and all that shit they give him all they time. It's so unfair how the media treats him like that! They never wrote about when he helped fans who got trampled on the side walks when he's visiting in the cities, or when he spent over a 50 grand on pizza to give to the homeless people on the streets in LA. The only positive thing I saw written about him was when he gave fans cupcakes and when the boys went to Africa for Red Nose Day and he cried when he saw the sick children. I have so many reasons why After shouldn't be published and made into a movie but I'm only giving 6. 

1. Anna portrayed Anne as a whore when she's clearly the nicest and most beautiful person ever! The media could write shit about her too because she's Harry's mother. I may not know Anne personally but just by looking at her, I can tell she's a happy and caring person. 

2. Anna catfished her 'fans' saying she's 18 years old and a college student but clearly, 25 years old and married and that's illegal to lie about your identity in Texas and that's where she's from but sadly, no one gives a shit about it except for the people who are against After. 

3. She's illegally selling a jewelry line for her fucking book

4. She's not a One Direction fan. If she was, she wouldn't make Harry into some monster that hurts women and makes bets with them. I (including everyone else) care about Harry more than anything and I would NEVER make Harry's character like that. That's why I always make him like the person he is in real life.

5. Supposedly her name 'Anna Todd' isn't her real name. I don't care if it's a penname and Dr. Seuss did the same but he was a real AUTHOR. Anna isn't. 

6. She said no one is going to know it's about Harry but her username on Wattpad is on the fucking cover of the published version of After and it's easy to look it up on the internet and the first result will be about 1D. And she said she's changing Harry's name to 'Hardin' in the story. 

Disagree with me all you want but this is true FACTS! Look at the #suspendannatodd tag on Twitter, all what I just said is in there. Anna is a fake. If she were a true fan, she wouldn't make a fanfic and would want it published and made into a movie. She just wrote it because obviously she wants to frame Harry. He may ignore all that but still deep down, I'm sure he feels really hurt when they're spreading untrue shit about him. Harry is a humble, caring, sweet, generous, funny, adorable, most down to earth person ever. No other celeb I know of is like him. He's a true gentleman. He treats everyone with RESPECT, including women. He said he never calls 'dibs' when he see's an attractive woman because he thinks it objectifies them. That's why I have a special place for him in my heart. I love all 5 of them but Harry will always be my babe. I love him so much and I would hate to see him upset if he see's a fanfic framing him. Okay, I'm done ranting.



I used to be in love with the After series. 
But now... 
Hell no. 
I hate it. It's gross. Horrible. Stupid. AND TOO MUCH ITS NOT EVEN HER FUCKING IDEA!
Like Anna Todd, you are a bitch honey c: 
Harry. Has she even thought about Harry? Harry will be heartbroken. He's been trying to get rid of his womanizer image and fucking Anna Todd skips her fake ass onto Wattpad and makes a book about how he's a dick, basically a womanizer, an alcoholic, abuser. Like no. Stop. Harry is a sweetheart, okay? Me being a huge Directioner (obviously. Duh.), I don't want to see Harry heartbroken over some thots stupid idea. 
Oh you thought I was done? Nope. 
Not to mention Anna Todd is 25 (or was it 26? Idk. She's old,k?) and is MARRIED. M A R R I E D! You are a married 25-26 year old that fanatizies over sick shit like After? Like bitch. You need to quench your thirst. Forreal. It's nasty. 
Also, not to mention that she gave hate to the author who actually MADE AND THOUGHT about the After plot! Like bitch! Are you serious rn? I'm gonna throw a neck punch at you. 
Like could she get more bitchy and dramatic?!!
Oh wait.
The author of 'Dark' which is an amazing book and is written like a pro (unlike some thot I heard of) gave Anna some CC, but the all-mighty Anna Todd (sarcasm) took it as hate and sent it to Twitter, WHERE IT FUCKING EXPLODED!
Bitch no. 
Lastly (probably not), After is a horrible book for young readers or any readers of any age. It's glorifies rape, under-age drinking, drugs, abuse, etc etc. If that book was ever made on here, we would 
The After triology is horrible. 
Also (this rant can go on forever, I swear), a reliable source I know of actually made a report for her science class about reactions. She read the After series and needless to say, she hated it. She said the books are badly written and just flat out terrible. At Washington University (or state or college. Idk), which is the college Harry and Tessa attend is against minors drinking and it is against school policy's. 
Anna get your fucking facts straight, okay? 
Lastly (I swear to god this is the last one), the hashtag #SuspendAnnaTodd is trending on twitter. One of Anna's friends is sending hate to all of the accounts that show ACTUAL PROOF ANF EVIDENCE that After needs to be unpublished and no movie should ever be made about it. Those people are true fucking fans. You know why? Bc that care for Harry, unlike Anna. They are worried for his reaction to the book. 

So, all in all, After is just a terrible fucking book for all ages. 





(I found this interesting because the user supports Anna Todd so I thought that I would add it here excuse the grammar as this is translated from Danish)

What do you think about Anna Todd? 
Many Directioners are very angry that this girl who, like us others dream of a writing career and now that she has got the chance to publish her fanfiction "After", raging all directioners lately. 
I seem to feel sorry for her and that she should have the chance to got it published. She is no more different than the rest of us.

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