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2. Defending After

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It really bugs me when 'afternators' go all crazy if you say that you do not like after, so it is okay to hate on Larry Shippers but as soon as someone says something negative about After shit goes down. 

I also find it rather disturbing that some fans want a relationship like 'hessa' as it is abusive and unhealthy (to be honest idk why anyone would want a boy to have sex with whilst on their period lol ew).



I will not embarrass the people from twitter with their stupid opinions by showing their names. They say it is FICTION but there is a big problem with that theory, Harry Styles is a human being, he is real not fiction, if he was a fictional character then it would not be as bad because he would not have feelings as a figment of an authors imagination. Like 50 shades of Grey for example, that was originally a twilight fanfiction for crying out loud! No one minds much because Bella and Edward are already fictional HARRY IS NOT. THIS COULD RUIN HIM.

Molly, the author of dark and dangerous love everybody. Words cannot describe what you just said. She basically said that y'know it is ok to be in a relationship with a mentally ill man who treats you like shit all the time but leave Anna alone she is soooo innocent!1!11 There is also countless amount of rape that everyone over looks 


I honestly hate scrolling through my instagram theme and seeing edits of Harry and Tessa doing the dirty, imagine having your privacy invaded like that? Even though it is not him.

Can we also appreciate that Niall and Louis are hardy ever mentioned in After. Smh. What a true fan Anna is.


Best article about after yet ☛




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