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A One Direction fan's online fantasy fiction about the boyband has proved so popular that it has won her a six-figure publishing deal.

Anna Todd, a 25-year-old from Texas, decided to try her hand at fan fiction after stumbling upon Wattpad, an online writing community with an entire section dedicated to fan fiction.


Anna Todd has brainwashed millions of girls (or boys) into thinking that the kind of relationship between 'hessa' is hot and I quote 'beautiful'. This is not the case.The relationship between Harry and Tessa is abusive and morally wrong, he degrades her yet she always goes back to him. It is just unhealthy to be showing young impressionable girls this, I do know that there is an age limit on wattpad but stories can be read without an account, people younger than 10 years old can read it.

How can a grown woman, married, write about pornography, drugs, and abuse in fanfiction. 

She IS 25 not 18 she IS married and she did post a picture of someone instead of herself which is a felony in Texas (where Anna is from).

Anna seems to be allergic to editing, I read after just for research and her grammar, punctuation and spelling is just awful, you would think that someone so popular would just fix the tiny errors which would improve her story.

According to a lot of tumblr blog posts, Anna stole After from a wattpad user called WalrusHarry who used used to be friends with her, unfortunatley WalrusHarry recieved multiple death threats and hate from 'Afternators' as they call them selves and deleted her wattpad/twitter. But it is said that she still had after posted up, the dates do not lie.


Remember back when paps called Harry a womanizer and he cried! Anna said that Harry's name will not be ruined or affect by the publication of After yet she is selling jewellery for $100-$500 with Harry and Tessa on it or Hessa. In all seriousness though these cheap ass rings look like they could be found in Walmart or something.


When you think of After you automatically think of H-A-R-R-Y S-T-Y-L-E-S not Hardin Scott or whatever the new name is. It also really bugs me how she only used Harry for his looks.

Harry also blocked Hannah (author of the original Dark fanfiction) because he didn't like the way he was portrayed, I think he also blocked Anna but she is constantly still using the one direction fandom, she never mentions Niall or Louis on twitter though, occasionally Zayn.




I hope you enjoyed the first chapter don't forget to leave your opinions down below


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