Loving Krista

Daniel Radcliffe is tired of living in Harry Potters shoes.He loved the time in the magical world but he wants to move on
Maybe there are some people who can help him


1. What now!

Daniel's POV

This morning I woke up at 11 to hear a load of hyper and screaming fans outside my hotel window.Why today?Its been 6 years now since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,I've grew up why can't they?

I picked up my phone and called Emma who I knew was in the same floor in the hotel as me (we all went on holiday together)."Em have you seen this?"I yell,"yeah Matt and Tom have already phoned"she replied."What will we do?"I cried down the phone"Emma laughed at me-raged."do you not remember the old days,Dan your their hero give them an autograph or take pictures with them.Your still Harry Potter to them and I'm still Hermione Granger we play our part,now hurry up and get ready before you get yourself killed or worse expelled" Emma laughed,she was obviously still Hermione inside.

Dan,Emma,Rupert,Bonnie,Matthew,Tom and Evanna all went for a late lunch in a nearby cafe.They were sitting at the table eating when a young women about 26 sat near them.Daniel was fixed to her she had amazing auburn hair(like Bonnies)and pale skin,she was beautiful.Daniel couldn't help but stare at her,he continued to look when she turned around and there eyes connected.She gave a weak smile and then looked away again."Dan it's your turn to pay"Bonnie said.Daniel nodded and then went up to the bar to pay,He got to the bar and right next to him was the same girl sitting near him.She smiled at him,"hi" she said blankly.Dan who was used to strangers talking to him thought she was "just a fan" "what do you want me to scene or is it a picture you want?"She looked absolutely mortified.

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