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3. unknown

I hugged Hannah not wanting to let go they took her to the hospital for minor injuries she was released we went home I told her she was sleeping in my room so she moved her stuff to my room me and the boys are in a band 5 seconds of summer anyway we were asked to tour with one direction we said yes so I asked If we could bring Hannah she is my everything they said yes so we were on our tour bus before meeting up with one direction Hannah is in my bunk Luke across and Calum above and Mikey below we were putting our stuff away ash and me went to the living room area where the one direction boys are they all said hi We said hi back then later Luke cal and Mikey came out said hi then it was later that night I got a text from my BFF saying meet me at this club the underground I met her there she said she has news I said okay what's the news she said

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