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6. loved

Me and James were going to tell Luke and ash but what if they don't approve we said we would tell them in a week so we did they weren't mad and they approved so we told them we haven't gone on a date yet and we told them we wanted to go to the beach so they let us walk there cause we didn't live far from it our dad was released from jail he was at the beach when me an James were there he tried to talk to me I ignored him I texted Ashton he and Luke came and got us quick but they were to late my dad had punched me my lip was busted again by my dad then my dad left he can't stay away from jail can he ash and Luke rushed to us me and ash sat in the back of the car with cal he was with them me and ash decided we were moving and Luke and cal agreed they said we shoul move in to a place where all of us coul live but there was one thing we could never understand our mother was never buried could she still be alive

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