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10. found pt2

Ash came to my room he pulled a iPhone out give it to me said here I over reacted I'm sorry please forgive me I told him I was sorry to I should have texted him we forgave each other and went to bed I woke up the next morning I went to ashs room I opened the door he was still sleeping I said ash get up he said no he told me to lay with him for a few minutes I said I have to get get the other boys up he said fine but I had to come back I sai I will I went to Luke room I said get up Luke he said come in I said okay I went in he was still in bed I said its time to get up he said come here I did he said sit on the bed I did he said now lay down I did I was facing away from him not wanting any awkwardness not to long after laying down he put his arm around my waist he pulled me closer I told him I had to go get cal and Mikey up I turned to face him he kissed me I got up and went to cals room he woke up I left to get Mikey up I got him up I went back to ash he was waiting I laid next to him I was facing him he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer we stayed like this for a few minutes I told him I have to get up he said okay I got up went to my room grabbed my phone went downstairs and got an apple and headed to school ash and the boys don't have school I was walking to the bus stop got down there and I saw ash ex gf Jessica she is mean she came up to me on the bus and pushed me and punched me and slapped me and kicked me I of course fought back so when we got to school we go called to the principals office she told me she wasn't going to call ash but Jessica had school I got expelled even though I was the worst beaten so I took my expelled note and headed home I had to walk home I didn't text ash I figured I'd have to tell him at home anyway I walked up to the door I heard the boys playing FIFA inside I heard them yelling at it I unlocked the door opened it slammed it and ran upstairs before they saw me I went upstairs and changed when I walked downstairs I guess they never heard me anyway I walked in the living room thy never payed any attention I went behind ash and out my hand on his shoulder he jumped I said it's only me he said why are you home so early it's only 830 I have him the note he said who started it and with who I said her and Jessica

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