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5. brother sister bond

In the middle of the night I dreamed about our parents it was scary ash woke me up I was crying he wiped my tears away

Next day we go home today

Ash: Hannah r u ready


We were heading home from the Sydney Australia airport

We got home just me and ash it's still weird living alone

Ash: Hannah you can move into our room now if you want

Me: okay ash thanks

I moved my stuff out of his room I went into my room it felt different and cold

I was putting some clothes away an somebody wrapped there arms around my waist I said

Me: ash what r u doing

Unknown: what does it feel Like I am doing

I turned around it was Luke's younger brother James he has always liked me I never felt the same way he started to pull me closer by my waist I stopped him an he tried to kiss me I didn't stop him and he did it was like fireworks but I can't feel the same way can I

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