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Ash has been dating this new girl me and the boys haven't met her yet ash was bringing her over we were waiting in living room the door opened we heard them talking ash walked in with my bully Ashley she looked at me disgusted I couldn't take it anymore I ran outside crying is heard two people calling my name I turned around and saw cal an luke it was pouring it was cold out luke and cal run up to me I got ready to run again but luke grabbed me and pulled me close cause I was shivering him and cal kept hugging me and keeping me close we were walking I told them about Ashley they were sorry that thy never realized I said it was fine we were walking I was so cold and numb and wet I fell to the ground luke and cal rushed to me they asked what happened I told them I feel weak thy carried me home we got home and they put me on the couch and covered me up I felt a little stronger than I was I tried to get up but luke set me back down ash came down from his room I told him about Ashley he said I know she told me I broke up with her I told him I was sorry for running out like that he said it's okay he said its time for bed he asked me i I could walk I said yeah I got up and almost fell he caught me he picked me up bridal style and carried me to his room he said I was sleeping there because I wouldn't be warm in there I said okay he pulled the blankets back and layed me down and pulled the blankets over me he layed next to me an pulled me close to him I felt warmer I still couldn't stand up in the morning ash made me breakfast he brought it up to me I forgot today is Saturday me and him always have bro and sis Saturday we always go to the mall I tried to stand up I could stand I told ash I was good to go to the mall he asked me if I was sure I said I was sure so we walked out to the car he opened my door and shut it he is so sweet we got to the mall we went to hot topic ash bought me some jeans and a nirvana tee and a 5sos tshirt we were walking we saw the boys and James we stopped and talked to them I asked James if we could talk he said sure I pulled him down a hallway I asked him why he has been ignoring me he pushed me up against the wall and slapped me he called me a cheater because he saw me and Luke hugging I am not cheating on you with Luke he said well I'm cheating on you with Ashley I started crying he slapped me he told me to stop crying we walked back to the boys ash asked me why happened and why my face is red I sai nothing I looked at James he put his arms around my waist he dug his fingernails in my side it hurt really bad I started crying ash grabbed my hand and pulled me down a hallway Mikey and James stayed back cal and Luke came to us they wanted to know what's going on

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