dance until you brake

dancing to me is like air to humans i live to dance thats my life but.................... my mum doesnt agree so i also play soccer but she doesnt agree with that aswell i dont have a dad he left when i was 3 only see him every 5 years but my friends are so supportive my boyfriend is the best he helps practise for all my comps with soccer and dance well my name is kate but people call me kat or kitty kat and i am 17.


1. shopping for best dress

it is my besties party kates me and all my friends went out shopping for the perfect outfits we had been shopping for 3 hours and i till havent found anything until we went into this shop and i tryed this dress on and everyone loved it so i brought it it was a black tight dress with dark purple on it plus this net thing on the chest it looked amazing on me after a while of walking around i finally got home to practice my routine for my dance class i was practising in my mums shed for hours i hhad a sports bra on and short shorts when my brothers friend came down i stopped to talk he is a nice guy but he has a small crush on me so yer i was standing there we were just talk when he tryed to kiss me "wow your my brothers best friend no way" i said grabbing my towel and wipping the sweat off of my face than my brother came done "you wanna play some soccer" he asked "yess please got to practise before big game" i said having a drink "you should rest you know its bad to move  none stop so tonight just relax ok" mason said "first of all i dont move to much i am fine and second i cant its kayes bday party and i just spent $50 on a dress so im going "fine but your not playing soccer go watch tv or lye down with your laptop" mason stated "fine" i said rolling my eyes and walking out of the shed i went straight in side to see mum 'great' i thought i ran straight for my room so she couldnt tell me stuff about me playing soccer and dancing 



thanks plz comment and say what you think plz thanks

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