Love is love

Kathleen is andy's little sister and andy has asked Kathleen if she could go on tour with him but andy doesn't know she has a major crush on Ashley Purdy and ash has always had an attraction to Kathleen. What will andy do if they start dating


1. meeting again

I walked off the plane and i see five recognisable faces jinxx, CC, jake, andy and ashley. I haven't seen my brother andy in 2 years and i have really missed them all.

I walk up to them and i thought i might be my cheeky self. "Well isn't it andy six, ashley purdy, jake pitts, jinxx and CC" i said "well isn't it the one and only kat my little sister" andy said give me a huge hug.

We drove in a van that jinxx dove to where the tour bus is. We arrived at the arena where the boys were playing tomorrow night. I cant wait to see them perform, i would love to be up with them on stage but im way to scared that i will get judged by the fans.

Tonight im going to finally tell ash that i love him. "Ashley Purdy get your ass out the fuck here" i said and less then a second he was out here. " yes beautiful" he said making me blush.

"Can i speak to you outside please" i said "sure of course you can beautiful" he said trying to make me blush again, why does he always do that. I was starting to get really nervous that I'm about to tell my true love that i love him.

"Ashley Purdy, i have known you a long time and i know basically everything about you and you know everything about me and what i am trying to tell you is that i really like you ash wait no i love you so much ashley Purdy i have loved you for ages and i will not stop loving you no matter what"

"Cassie i was hoping you would say that because after the sound check i was going to ask you something i have known you forever and i love you too and i couldn't imagine my life without you. Cassie biersack will you be my girlfriend"

I didn't think he would say that, i never thought he liked me back, Ashley Purdy like me wait no Ashley Purdy loves me "Ashley Purdy yes i will be your girlfriend" i said.

After i finished my sentence ash crashed his lips on mine after about a minute or 2 andy came out of the tour bus and he saw us kissing so he pulled ash away from me. "Ashley Purdy do you want to explain" andy said looking pissed as hell

"yes i will maybe he might of just asked me to be his girlfriend oh which he did so we were just so happy that we kissed because we were that happy also Andrew don't ruin this for me i love ashley and i have loved him ever since i met him, for once andy let me be happy" i said stomping in to the bus and i jumped on my bunk which was above ashley's bunk.

I started crying without making a noise, then i felt someone come up next to me and wrap his arms around my waist.

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