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1. first sight love

Hi , I heard a voice from back . I turned around and saw omgggg a blond hair boy with blue eyes . Oh god first sight love . May I ask where is the store room he asked me in his Irish accent while coming closer to me . Umm it's there ,left side I told . Thanks love btw ur pretty he said while winking at me . Oh god I'm in love with that boy . I quickly called my friend , hey Alisia I said hey Samantha she said . How r u she said forget how i am u know what today I met a boy he is Irish with blue eyes and blond hair I told her with excitement . Calm down just relax ok she relaxed me now tell me what is his name she asked . I don't know the name he just asked the way to store room I told . What ??? Are u crazy you should ask his name she said . Yeah I should but .... Alisia I'll talk to u later bye . Bye she replied back . He came back again .

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