The Day I Met Thomas Sangster

15 year old Angel-Blade Alexa Bennett ran away from Australia to live in England after her dad nearly beat her to death. Now, with nowhere to live she attends a new school at Pimlico School Westminster. She's not your normal everyday girl. She's an emo. She's promised herself she will never fall in love again. But what happens when she meets Thomas. Will he be able to make her fall in love again.

*Pretty crappy blurb but it will do. I tried finding his school and that's what it came up with so you'll just have to go with it :)*


3. Starbucks and a Date

We walk off to our first class, Science. I hate science. I never really understood it. We walk to the door and stand there waiting for the teacher to notice.


"You're late, oh and I see we have a new student," he slides up his glasses that were sitting at the tip of his nose to get a better look at me. I turn to the class and see that everyone was staring. I hate it when people look at me. I turn my head to look at Thomas and he smiles to reassure me that everything was alright.


"Sorry we're late sir, this is Angel she is new here and she had a little trouble this morning so I had to help her out," he looks over at me again and smiles.


"Okay fair enough, welcome to the school Angel. I am Mr Elgort but you can just call me sir. Please take a seat," he smiles and gestures to the seats. We find two empty seats at the very back which is good cause its better if I hide away from these people. Thomas takes the seat next to me.


"Hey are you okay?" he looks at me with sad eyes.


"Yeah I'm fine," I smile and turn my head to look at the teacher. I wasn't fine. I always say I am fine just so I don't have to go through putting people in pain because of my problems. I am a very good liar but the only two people that know when I'm lying is my parents, before they went all psycho. They told me that when I tell a lie to their face and I look away my left eye twitches. No one else knows about it so that means I can get away with lying.


"Your lying," Thomas suddenly says. I turn my head and look at him. How does he know.


"No I'm not," I lie again and once I turn my head the twitch came as usual.


"Yes you are you just lied to me again. I can see your eye twitch when you do," I look over at him astonished. How does he know that's my secret.


"What! How did you know my eye does that when I lie?" I look at him with wide eyes.


"Cause mine does that too. When I lie and look away from the person my right eye twitches. If you ask me I think its pretty weird," He laughs. I giggle a bit and turn to look back at the teacher so we wont get in trouble.


"So tell me what's wrong," He asks. I turn to look at him and sigh.


"Well you saw what happened to me this morning. It's my first day and already I've been stabbed in the neck," he looks at me with those eyes again. The one that says he's sorry.


"It's not your fault so you can stop looking at me with those eyes," I laugh. He laughs a bit too.


"Sorry," He adds.


"There you go again apologizing," I giggle. He playfully smacks my hand and we turn to look at the teacher. I didn't hear a word the teacher said for the rest of the class. I was out in my own world. When the bell rang for lunch, Thomas and I walked to the cafeteria talking and laughing. We walked through the doors to see the whole place packed out with people. We saw Audrey run up to me and practically jumped on me and gave me a hug.


"I'm so glad your okay. Thank you Thomas for looking after her," She pulled away from the hug to look at Thomas.


"No worries it was nothing. I got to go though, I'll come get you when the bell goes to go to our next class Angel. See ya," He says while walking off.


"Okay see ya later," He wave at him. He smiles and turns to walk away to his group of friends. I look over at Audrey who has the wide as grin on her face.


"I don't want to know what your thinking," I laugh at her.


"Well then instead of discussing it here why don't we discuss it over coffee at starbucks," She says.


"But what about Thomas. He said he has to come get me when the bell goes," I announce.


"Don't worry we'll be back before the bell. Besides we both need to get out of here," She grabs my hand and we start walking out of the school. We walk and talk for about 10 minutes until we reach starbucks. We walked in through the doors to smell the fresh coffee in the air. I take a deep breath in smelling the beautiful wonders and breath out smiling. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. Audrey just stands there laughing at me. We walk up to the counter to see a cute emo boy with black hair that covers his beautiful green eyes.


"Hey Audrey, what can I get for you," He must know Audrey, "And who's this," He looks over to me and winks. I blush and hide my face. Audrey just laughs at me again.


"This is Angel. She moved here from Australia. She's living with me," She says. She leans over the counter to the boy and whispers, "And she's single," She thinks I didn't hear her but I did clearly which earned her a smack over the head.


"Ouch what was that for," She rubs her head.


"You know what its for. Now for that you can pay for my coffee," I smile at her and she just sighs.


"Fine, can I get two caramel lattes please," She says. He types in the order and she gives him the money.


"Nah it's on the house this time," He looks over at me and smiles.


"Thank you so much," She retrieves the money and puts it back in her purse.


"Oh by the way, I'm Alex," He extends his hand I shake it.


"Nice to meet you," I pull my hand back and go and take a seat with Audrey at the table.


"Two guys in one day you go girl," She laughs. I just shake my head.


"What do you mean two guys. I know your talking about the cutie over by the counter but who's the second?" I ask her. I will say though that guy Alex is so cute.


"Omg seriously are you that blind. Thomas," She says. I form an 'o' shape with my mouth. I laugh and shake my head.


"Nah he is just a friend," I say to her.


"Are you kidding me that guy likes you. I could see it. The minute he laid eyes on you he liked you. I saw it," She said. A lady comes out and hands us our coffee.


"I don't know I think he just likes me as a friend," I say taking a sip of my coffee.


"Yeah well I have a feeling you two are gonna get cozy with each other very soon," She giggles and takes a sip of her coffee too.


"I don't think so," I laugh at her. We talk for a little while longer, mainly about Thomas, then we head back to the school and sure enough the bell hasn't gone yet. She shows me to her lunch table which really isn't a lunch table its just the corner of the room away from everybody.


"I like it," I said and sit down. We talked a little longer about things then the bell rang. As he said, Thomas came over to retrieve me.


"Sorry Audrey but I'll be taking this beautiful girl out of your hands for a while," He says and smiles at me. I look down to hide the blush that was creeping up on my face.


"That's fine with me just bring her back in one piece," She giggles. I look up at her to see her grinning which earned her another hit on the head. Thomas laughs at me.


"Will do. See ya later," He takes me hand and lead me out. We walk to our next class and surprisingly he is still holding my hand. I wonder if he has noticed yet?


"Here we are, maths," I groan and sink my head. He laughs and pulls my head back up.


"Don't worry it'll be fine," He smiles. I smile back looking into his beautiful eyes. I look away and we walk through the doors.


The rest of the day was good surprisingly. When the bell went to go home, I caught up with Audrey and we waited outside for Andy to come around and pick us up.


"Hey Angel wait up," I turn around to see Thomas running up to me. He reaches me and stops and smiles.


"Hey what's up?" I ask him.


"Well there's a party on tonight at my mates house and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?" He asked. I was surprised he asked me that.


"I would love to but parties aren't really my thing. I have bad experiences with them," I tell him.


"Oh that's okay maybe some other time," He smiles and walks off. I feel bad for rejecting him.


"What are you doing," Audrey says to me.


"What I don't like parties that's all," I tell her.


"I don't care your gonna tell him right now that you are going and that I'm coming to. Besides nothing bad will happen. we will both protect you," She smiles at me. I nod my head and run after Thomas.


"Hey Thomas," I call out to him. He stops in his tracks and turns around. He smiles when he sees me. I eventually caught up to him.


"I would love to go with you," I smile. He whole face lights up.


"Great I'll meet you at the party at 7," He says.


"Okay cool oh and Audrey's coming," I tell him. He nods his head and walks off. I walk back over to Audrey and Andy pulls up in his car.


"Get in," He says and revs the car. We just laugh at him and hopped in the car.


We get home and run up the stairs to our room. We both fall onto our beds and sigh.


"Looks like we have to get ready soon," Audrey said.


"Yep looks like it," I reply. I cant believe I've got a date.


A/N- Hey guys, so sorry I haven't updated in a while. I just needed to think of something for this chapter. I hope you like it. I will try posting up the next chapter soon. Love you's <3


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