The Day I Met Thomas Sangster

15 year old Angel-Blade Alexa Bennett ran away from Australia to live in England after her dad nearly beat her to death. Now, with nowhere to live she attends a new school at Pimlico School Westminster. She's not your normal everyday girl. She's an emo. She's promised herself she will never fall in love again. But what happens when she meets Thomas. Will he be able to make her fall in love again.

*Pretty crappy blurb but it will do. I tried finding his school and that's what it came up with so you'll just have to go with it :)*


2. Running Away

I caught the first plane to London, getting away from my home in Australia. Away from all the abuse and bullshit. I've finally had enough. I've runaway. I'm now waiting at the airport in London for my best friend that I met over the internet. She's the only real friend I've had. All my other friends are backstabbers. Audrey's mother has decided she would take me in. I walk around the airport looking for Audrey. She told me she would be holding a sign with my name on it. I finally find her standing there with her family. I have a big smile on my face as I walk up to her and give her a huge hug.

"Hey girlie, its nice to finally meet you in person aye," She said in her thick british accent.


"Yeah it's definitely nice to meet you. I'm just glad I'm finally away from there," I say pulling away from the hug.


"Must of been hard. Well your here now that's the main thing. Come meet the family," She said pulling me towards her family.


"This is my older brother Andy," She points towards this tall, skinny boy with black hair that covers his bright blue eyes.


"Looks like we're siblings now huh," I say while laughing. He laughs and pulls me into a hug.


"Yeah, it's nice to finally meet you," He said pulling away.


"You too," I reply while smiling at him.


"Okay next is my little sister Willow," She said pointing to a little girl with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She looks like she is about 6. I crouch down and give her a hug.


"Looks like your gonna have two big sister now," I said as she hugs me tightly.


"We are going to have heaps of fun right?" She asked me.


"Yes we are going to heaps and heaps of fun," I reply. I pull away from her and stand back up and ruffle her hair a little bit.


"Okay and last but not least, mum, which now that is what you can call her since you know your living with us," She laughs. She takes me over to her mum and I give her a massive hug almost crying.


"Thank you for doing this for me," I say while almost in tears. She hugs me tighter.


"I would do anything for my daughters friends," She replies and kisses the top of my head. I pull away and smile.


We start walking off to the baggage claim area and I grab my bags and we start walking off to the car. We start driving off to my new home.


About half an hour later we arrive at my new home. I get out of the car and observe the house from outside. It is a huge white house with double doors and so many windows. Andy gets out of the car and stands next to me looking at the house too.


"I know its huge right. Wait till you see the inside," He looks over at me smiling. I giggle and he walks away and into the house. Audrey comes and stands beside me, looking at me smiling.


"Yeah we are kind of a rich family. Forgot to mention," She said grinning.


"No its fine. Your house is amazing, really," I say. She smiles and grabs my things while walking off to the house.


"You know I can carry my own things," I shout after her. She laughs.


"Its fine. Now hurry up and get your butt inside," I giggle and run after her into the house. My mouth drops to the floor when I see the insides.


There's chandeliers, the walls are pure white. There's pretty white stairs that spiral up to the second floor. I follow Audrey up the stairs and into what I'm guessing is her room, which is now mine. The room is huge that it fits two king sized beds. There's a walk in closet with pretty much everything. The walls are painted blue and has drawings all over them. I'm guessing she draw them on there. She looks at me and smiles. I smile back at her and jump on my new bed. She laughs and jumps on it beside me.


"This is amazing Audrey. I love it," I say while looking at her.


"Your welcome. Got to make our new family member feel like she's at home right?" She said.


"Haha right," I laugh and sit up straight on my bed.


"Oh by the way your starting school tomorrow," She laughs and sits up straight too.


"Ugh really, I just got here," I groan. She laughs and hits me around the head with a pillow. I giggle and pick one up and hit her back.


"Too bad sunshine you have to go. I've already got your uniform ready and all," She told me. I groan again and agree.


~The next day~


I woke up to the sound of an alarm. I tried hitting it to turn it off but it wasn't in my reach. I was confused seeing as my alarm is always next to me. Then I realized I was living with my best friend in London. I smile to myself thinking that this is going to be a better life than I had. Then I remembered I had to start a new school today. I groan and bury my face in my pillow. I can still here the alarm going off.


"AUDREY TURN THE BLOODY ALARM OFF!" I shout at her. She jumps up out of bed and turns it off. Her hair is a mess and I think I saw drool on the side of her face. I laugh at her and jump out of bed and onto her. She starts laughing.


"Jeez I don't think I'll need the alarm if your gonna wake me up like that," I laugh and get off her. I walk to my side of the room and grab my towel.


"I dibs going first," I shout and I can hear her running towards me trying to get in first but I ran before she could get to the bathroom. I lock myself in the bathroom and start laughing when I hear her groaning.


I take my pyjamas off and hop in the shower. I turn the taps on and felt the hot water hitting my skin. I take a deep breath in and relax my muscles. After a good 6 minutes, I jump out and dry myself off. I wrap the towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom and into my room. Audrey runs past me and shouts thank you. I just laugh and start putting on my uniform. Once I'm finished I walk into the closet and look in the huge mirror they have. I start applying my makeup the usual way. Foundation, heavy eyeliner, mascara and little bit of lip gloss. I get my straightener out and start doing my hair. A good half an hour later I'm finished everything. Audrey finished putting on her uniform and now is doing her makeup. She finished everything in like 10 minutes.


"How do you do that?" I asked surprised. She laughs.


"Do what?" She says.


"Uh do you hair and makeup in like 10 minutes. It takes me like half an hour," I say.


"I don't know I don't need a lot of makeup so that's why it takes me 10 minutes. It use to take me an hour but I've cut it short," She replies.


We walk downstairs to have some breakfast. Mum is cooking us bacon and eggs. It smells so good. She hands us a plate of it and I dig in. Andy comes walking down in his uniform and his bag over his shoulder.


"You girls ready?" He asks us. We nod and grab our bags. We put our shoes on and turn around and said our goodbyes to everyone. We walk out the door and hop into Andy's car and he jumps into the drivers seat and starts the car. He pulls out of the driveway and starts driving towards the school. Ten minutes later he pulls up into the parking lot at the school. Me and Audrey jump out.


"You coming Andy?" I ask him. He shakes his head.


"No I'll come back later. I hate homeroom so I'm gonna miss it," He said. I nod my head and he pulls out and drives off.


"You ready?" Audrey asks me. I nod my head and we start walking into the school gates.


As we are walking these group of girls start walking up to us. I hear Audrey mumble shit under her breath and I know that means trouble. The group leader walks right up to me. She is literally in my face and I start feeling a little scared.


"Hello fresh meat," She says to me smirking. She nods her head towards Audrey and two of her girls go over and grab Audrey by the arms. I look at her and she mouths the words sorry. I look back over at the group leader. She laughs. She takes a pocket knife out, flicks up the blade and holds it up to my neck.


"So lets get things straight huh, I own this school so if you do anything that I don't like this blade goes through your throat got it?" She says to me. I gulp and nod my head agreeing. She laughs.


"You see I don't think you do," She pushes the blade a little into my throat and I wince in pain. She chuckles a little.


"I said you got it," She says getting a little mad.


"Hey leave that girl alone," I hear a guys voice say. He walks over to me and the girl takes the blade out of my neck.


"Give it to me," He says to the girl.


"What are you talking about Thomas, I don't have anything," She batters her eyes at him.


"Give me the pocket knife," She groans and hands over the knife to him. He puts it in his pocket.


"Now go away and leave this girl alone got it," He say to her. She nods and walks off. The girls that were holding Audrey let her go and followed the group leader. The guy who's name I now know, Thomas, walked over to me and look at me concerned.


"Sorry about that she can be such a bitch. I'm Thomas," He said holding out his hand. I shake it.


"Angel," I say and let go of his hand. He smiled and he started staring at me. He looked away and gasped.


"Oh my gosh your neck. It's bleeding," He said and touched the cut. I winced at the pain but then it eased.


"Sorry," He apologized.


"No no, its fine. Its just a little cut," It wasn't really. It wouldn't stop bleeding.


"It's not fine. Come with me and I'll fix you up," He looked over at Audrey.


"Audrey is it all right if I take her to get cleaned up?" He asked her. She nodded.


"Go right ahead. Just bring her back to me at lunch. You know where I sit right?" She asked him. He nodded and started walking me to the bathrooms. He entered to girls room with me and locked the door. He checked all the stalls. No one was in here. He got paper towel and wet it a bit and put it on my neck, cleaning all the blood. I stared at him while he cleaned my wound.


"I'm so sorry about Brooke. She thinks she owns this school but really she doesn't," He said.


"It's fine. It's not the first time I've had a knife held to my neck," I told him. He stopped what he was doing and looked at me stunned.


"I'm sorry," He apologized again.


"It's fine. Its not your fault," I reassured him.


"I know but it sucks when it's your first day and you've already had a knife held to you throat," He said.


"Yeah buts its no different from when I lived in Australia and went to school," I told him.


"Wow you moved here from Australia! Why?" He asked me.


"Cause my dad nearly beat me to death," I replied. There was silence in the room and he just looked at me with apologetic eyes.


"It's fine now. I'm living with Audrey and life is better," I smiled at him. His face eased up and he smiled at me.


"Okay, that's good," He said. He cleaned up the rest of my neck and got a band aid out of his bag and put it on my neck where the cut is.


"There you go. All better," He smiled at me with a big grin. I smiled back.


"Thank you so much," He smiled.


"Your welcome. Show me your timetable," I handed him my timetable and he scanned over it.


"Okay we have all the same classes. What a coincidence," He laughed. I giggled and grabbed my timetable out of his hands. He looked up at me at stared into my eyes. This is time I was the one that looked away. He cleared his throat.


"Come on lets go to class," He grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the bathrooms to our first class.


A/N- Hey guys. So this is the first chapter. It's pretty long but it need to be done hehe. I hope you like it. I'm still a bit rusty cause I haven't written a fanfic in ages. I'll try posting the next chapter u tomorrow. For now enjoy this. Love yous <3 :)




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