The Day I Met Thomas Sangster

15 year old Angel-Blade Alexa Bennett ran away from Australia to live in England after her dad nearly beat her to death. Now, with nowhere to live she attends a new school at Pimlico School Westminster. She's not your normal everyday girl. She's an emo. She's promised herself she will never fall in love again. But what happens when she meets Thomas. Will he be able to make her fall in love again.

*Pretty crappy blurb but it will do. I tried finding his school and that's what it came up with so you'll just have to go with it :)*


4. Party

Me and Audrey hop off our beds and go into our walk in closet. We both have separate sides of the closet so my stuffs on the right. I walk over to where all my t-shirts are and I finally settle on a my chemical romance shirt. I crouch down to where all my jeans are and I find a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. I waddle over to my right to where all my shoes are and I find a pair of denim converse. I grab everything and run into the bathroom before Audrey could. I heard her whine on the other side of the door making me laugh. I throw on my clothes and I get out my make-up bag and straightener out. I start applying foundation, black eye shadow, thick eyeliner and mascara and put a little lip gloss on. I plug my straightener in and turn it on. After about 30 seconds it goes ding and I pick it up and get going at my hair. I finish with my hair and exit the bathroom to see Audrey running in after me. I laugh again at her. I head back to my side of the closet and find a black veil brides beanie. I stand on my tippy toes and pick out a phone case. It's funny how she bought me a thousand cases. I finally pick out a my chemical romance case and slip my phone in it. I grab my beats headphones off the shelf and put them around my neck. The best thing about these headphones is that they are cordless. I open some draws and find all my jewellery. I put on a few wristbands, a necklace and a different pair of stretchers. Audrey finally came out of the bathroom looking better than I did. She wore a tight black strapless dress with black high heels, she had light make-up on and her hair straightened, hoop earrings and the necklace I sent her for her 14th birthday. She looked me up and down and I did the same at her.


"That's what your wearing to a party?" She asked me frowning.


"I could say the same for you, its a party not a club Audrey," I laugh at her. She responds by poking her tongue out at me.


Angel's Outfit >>>>>>>

Audrey's Outfit >>>>>> (the girl in the polyvore outfit isn't Audrey. I just had to improvise cause I couldn't find her)


Audrey walked downstairs while I walked down the hallway to Andy's room. I stand outside his door about to knock when I hear this angelic voice on the other side. I stand there listening to his beautiful singing a bit to long then I should have cause he opens his door and looks down at me. He frowns then smiles.


"What's up lil' sis," He smirks. I smile back at him while blushing knowing that I was caught.


"Oh sorry I didn't mean to eavesdrop," I apologize. He just laughs and leans against the door frame crossing his arms over his chest.


"It's all good. Did you need something?" He asks.


"Yeah I was wondering if you could drop me and Audrey off at this school party?" He just smiles and grabs his keys.


"Sure thing," He closes his door behind him and we start walking downstairs.


"You look nice," He compliments me. I look up at him and smile.


"Thanks but you should wait to see what Audrey's wearing," I laugh. He just frowns at me and shrugs and we keep walking downstairs and into the kitchen. Once we reach our destination Andy sees Audrey standing at the counter. She turns around to face us and Andy's jaw drops to the floor. I just giggle at him.


"Andy close your mouth you'll catch flies," I giggle at him. He looks at me and closes his mouth and lightly punches me in the arm.


"No fricken way are you wearing that out Audrey Rose Adams," Andy says looking really pissed. I laugh.


"Told you," I laugh and point at Audrey.


"Shut up I'm wearing it," She says.


"No your not. Now go upstairs and get changed," Andy demands. Audrey gives him the finger.


"No I'm allowed to wear it mum said I could so suck it," She sticks her tongue out at Andy. I just laugh at her.


"Come on and stop arguing we gonna be late. Bye mum," I call out and head for the door.


"Bye sweetie have a good night," She calls from the kitchen.


I open the door and start walking to the car. I can hear Audrey and Andy following behind still arguing. I just laugh at their stupidness. I'm loving this family already. I hop in the front seat soon followed by two other doors opening and closing. Andy starts the car and drives off towards the party. We arrive 10 minutes later at a huge house. We hopped out of the car. I heard Andy walking behind us and I turn around.


"Your coming too?" I ask him.


"Well duh I'm not gonna let me two little sisters get raped or anything," He smirks. I just laugh and punch him in the arm.


"Yep I think the only one getting raped tonight is Audrey," I whisper to him and giggle. He just laughs along with me.


"I heard that," Audrey said giving us the finger. We both just laugh at her.


We walked up to the huge double doors to see Thomas standing there waiting for us. He smiles when he sees me and I smile back at him looking down. We walk up to him and stand there.


"I'll just go in," Andy said tapping us both on the shoulder and walking off.


"Yeah okay we'll catch up with you later," Audrey called after him. He just put the thumbs up and then disappears into the crowd.


"Hey," I turn and look at Thomas.


"Hey, you look beautiful," He smiles looking me up and down.


"Thanks," I smile looking down and blushing. I hear Audrey clear her throat and I just laugh under my breath. Thomas turns to look at her and laughs a little. God his laugh is adorable.


"Hey Audrey and you look lovely too," He compliments her.


"Hey and yeah I know thanks," She says putting her hand on her hip. Me and Thomas just laugh at her.


"Shall we go inside then?" Thomas asks.


"Sure. I really need a drink" I say. We walk inside and the whole place is full of students from school. There's people dancing to the music, people making out on the stairs or couch, a group of guys standing upside down on their hands on a keg, girls in a group gossiping or taking selfies on their phone, the awkward people sitting in a group on chairs slightly sipping on a coke. I just laugh. Yep this is definitely a party alright. I walk into the kitchen and go through the fridge. I spot a cruiser and my eyes lit up. I reached out to grab it but another hand beat me to it. I look up to see Brooke opening the bottle and sipping on it. I just stare at her. I cant believe that bitch just took the last one. I do not want to start shit with but her but I will bash her face in for doing that. She just stands there laughing at me.


"Oh I'm sorry were you going to drink this?" She laughs at me taking another sip of the drink. I clench my hands into a fist and glare at her.


"Yeah actually I was gonna drink that," I say.


"Well to bad it's mine now. Why don't you go and do what emos do best, you know slitting your wrists or your throat," She laughs giving her friends a high five.


"Honey the only throat I'll be slitting is yours," I come up with a comeback glaring at her. She looked at me shocked and walked off with her group. Shit did I really just do that. I'm definitely gonna be in shit at school on Monday. I look in the fridge to see if I could find another drink and I spot my little friend that no one likes to associate with. Monster. I grabbed the energy drink and open it taking a long sip. God I love the taste of this stuff. I turn around and see Thomas and Audrey behind me with their mouths hanging open.


"What?" I ask them.


"You stood up to her," Audrey says. I shrug my shoulders.


"So, and the problem is," I reply.


"The problem is that no one stands up to Brooke. Ever," Thomas explains to me.


"Yeah well she doesn't have a right to pick on me when I haven't done anything wrong so screw her," I say annoyed.


"Okay," They said in unison and put their hands up in surrender.


"Good now if you excuse me I'm gonna take a look around, I'll meet up with you guys later," I say walking off.


I have a look around the lounge area and a big library. I didn't  go upstairs cause you don't want to find out whats going on up there. I see a door that goes outside into a garden ad decide to get out of this atmosphere for a while. I open the door and instantly feel the cool night breeze. I see a empty chair and sit in it. I put my headphones on and blast my chemical romance into my ears. I skull the last of my drink and keep the can beside me on the chair. I collect every can I get and so far I've got over 100. I look up at the stars and listen to Gerard Way sing I'm Not Okay into my ears. Then the last thing I remember is a bag being put over my head and I black out.


A/N: Hey guys BVB_Army17 here :) sorry for such a late update I just didn't have anything to write but here you go another chapter with a cliff hanger. I'm sorry I just thought I would twist the plot a bit. I will try and update as much as I can. Love ya <3




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