The Day I Met Thomas Sangster

15 year old Angel-Blade Alexa Bennett ran away from Australia to live in England after her dad nearly beat her to death. Now, with nowhere to live she attends a new school at Pimlico School Westminster. She's not your normal everyday girl. She's an emo. She's promised herself she will never fall in love again. But what happens when she meets Thomas. Will he be able to make her fall in love again.

*Pretty crappy blurb but it will do. I tried finding his school and that's what it came up with so you'll just have to go with it :)*


5. Kidnapped

I came to and realized that I was tied to a chair in some sort of basement. I looked around to see if anyone was there, but no one was in sight. I tried to wiggle free but the ropes were to tight around my legs and wrists. There was no way out. I heard a door open and two girls walked down the stairs towards me. I should've known, of course it was Brooke's little minions. That means I'm in her basement. Well that would make sense seeing as I was kidnapped from her house. The two girls stood in front of me and smirk.


"Well look whose up," The blonde one said.


"Well look who it is bitch #1 and bitch #2," I snap back at them. The smirks disappeared from their faces and that earned a slap to my face. It was that hard that I think they left a hand print on my face. Then their smirks returned.


"I wouldn't talk to us like that bitch," The brunette snarled. I should probably shut my mouth now.


"We'll be back later emo," The blonde said making both of them laugh. They finally walked upstairs and closed the door. Tears dared to fall down my face but I pushed them back. 


"I'm stronger than this," I whispered to myself. I tried moving again but it was no use. I was really tied up. I felt something in my back pocket of my jeans. It was my phone.


"Stupid blondes didn't even think to take my phone," I laugh to my self. Then I also realized that I have a secret pocket up the sleeves of every jacket I own and I always slip my pocket knife in it.


"Yes," I silently said. I'm glad I remembered it. I managed to slip it out and cut through the rope. Once my hands were free I got my phone out of my pocket and dialed the first number on there. Thomas. I heard it ring a couple of times and then his voice came through the speaker.


"Hello, Angel are you alright, where are you?" He asked worriedly. Man it was good to hear his voice.


"Thomas I need your help. Brooke and her stupid minions have tied me up in her basement. I have a knife but if I try getting out I'm scared they will come down and do something to me," I hurriedly said into the other end of the receiver.


"It's okay calm down I'll get you out, I promise," He said.


"Okay hurry," I quickly say and hang up.


I slid my phone in between my legs so they couldn't see it if they came downstairs. All I had to do was just sit tight and wait. But waiting felt like forever and soon I drifted off into a blissful sleep.


I woke up to what felt like a million days but really it must of been a few hours. I looked around the room and it looked really unfamiliar. I threw off the covers and looked down to see that I was only wearing a big t-shirt that I don't think was mine and no pants. Weird. I walked downstairs and smelt..... Bacon. Damn who in the world is cooking bacon. I walked to where the smell was coming and saw.. no, no way that was him. I'm in my fricken underwear. He turns around and sees me standing there and he smiles at me.


"Hey your up. I'm cooking bacon want some," Thomas asked. I nod and sit down at one of the chairs. He brings over the bacon and serves it on the plates. I instantly dig in forgetting that I was really hungry. I look up to see Thomas looking at me smiling. I stop chewing and look at him.


"What," I say to him with a mouthful of food.


"Nothing its just... your cute when you eat like that," He said to me smiling. I swallow my food and smile like an idiot at him. He just laughed and continued eating his food. We both finished up and went over to the lounge room to watch some movies. The whole time we were cuddling and holding hands. I think at one stage he kissed it. I don't remember I was too engaged with his hands on mine.


"I'm sorry you had to go through that today," He turned and looked at me.


"It's okay it's not the first time I've been tied up in a basement," I said looking up at him.


"I know but I should have looked after you that whole time. I should of been right by your side to protect you," He said to me with such concern in his eyes.


"Thanks but I can protect myself," I said to him. That's when it happened. He crashed his lips onto mine. They were so soft just how I imagined them. The kiss lasted for a few minutes as we both had to pull up for air. We were both panting and looking at each other intensively.


"Wow, I've been wanting to kiss those lips for ages," He smiled at me.


"Same," I smiled back at him.


A/N- Hey guys xxxBVB_Armyxxx sorry I had to make this short. I actually had to make this a draft for a while cause I didn't know what to write. I will try updating the next chapter soon. Love you :)

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