Healing Worlds

I was born dead.
I cannot undo what I have gone through.
No matter how hard I try, I will always be that girl.
What happened to us was a long time ago, and how it happened is history.
Am I alive? Of coarse, I live in the flesh.
Daniel was a big part of this too, but I cannot fathom enough to tell his part of the story, therefore, it will remain untold.
He's not with me any more anyway, but he's not dead, no one is ever dead.


3. Three Years and Counting

June 9th 2003

I pulled on the shirt my mother had selected for me , listening and behaving as well as I could. I wanted to go to the park more than anything else, and if I misbehaved, either one of my parents would take away the weekly trip we always took. The shirt she had picked out had a pink striped pattern, wrapping all the way around to the back. She always seemed to pick pink.

I walked over to my bookshelf, grabbing a random stuffed animal before exiting my room and running to keep up with my mom. She wanted to get to the park as much as I did. she was reading a new book that excited her. I carefully took my time walking down the stairs, one by one, as mother had taught me. I clenched the railing tightly, and as I was one step from the floor, I jumped, hitting the floor with a thud. My hair whipped around as I faced toward the kitchen entrance, I moved it away lightly, with a swift movement of my hand.

By now I was three years old, and I could process larger pieces of information, though I still couldn't completely read or write. My parents spent at least three days a week teaching me how to sound out certain words, and how to put my thoughts into words on paper. It was mostly for nothing, I was having an extremely tough time with it all.

My feet continued to patter along the tile floor of the kitchen, stopping as I reached the feet of my mother. Her perfume was heavy, I could smell the floral scent from feet away, but her outfit was nice, Nice enough for a two year olds judgement anyway.

"Ready to go?" She asked lightly, turning around slowly to face me.

I nodded, clutching the stuffed bear I had brought down the stairs with me.

"Please put that back, we do not want it getting dirty" she asked kindly, motioning towards the bear. I refrained from whining, only squinting at her and raising my eyebrows questioningly, before placing it down on a chair that was not quite pushed all the way under the kitchen table.

"Let's go" my mother stated, putting her hand out for me to take.

"Father?" I asked, my eyebrows knitting together in confusion. He rarely ever missed our weekly trips.

"He got a new work skedule, won't be around too often anymore."

I pouted on the count that I would miss him regularly now, but accepted it, as he did need to work to support me and my mother, and She didn't work, that's what she had told me.

"What do you want to pack for lunch?" My mother asked. Peering down at me questioningly.

"Food" I giggled, giving a simple but well enough answer.

"Of coarse we are packing food, but what kind would you like?" She tried asking again, and I watched a small smile creep onto her face as she did so.

"Pasta!" I yelled happily, hoping on this rare occasion she would say yes.

"Alright just this once, pasta in not a suitable meal all the time, you know that." I smiled, and skipped to the fridge, looking up at it. I was not allowed to take out anything, usually I had to ask first, and although my mother said it was alright, I still wasn't strong enough to get the door open.

I heard my mothers foot steps behind me, and watched her hands above me, pulling the metal door open above my head. I pressed my lips together, stopping myself from asking to also bring a piece of cake, as my mother had also recently made one.

She pulled out the leftover pasta from a few dinners ago, along with two apples. After closing the refrigerator, she grabbed two bags of pretzels with the other food choices and placed them in small lunch box resting on the counter.

"Ready to go?" She asked, putting her hand out for me to take. Her other arm held the lunch box and a blanket for her to sit on once we arrived at the park.

I nodded, taking her hand and following her out the kitchen door, and into the garage.

The car ride was short, as the park was walking distance away, but I was still to small for such a distance. My mother played a CD she had bought most likely at the grocery store last time she went. I sung along quietly, not wanting to annoy my mother, but not being able to resist the nice tune.

My mothers blue Honda pulled into the parking lot of the park, shortly after we left the house. I bounced up and down in my car seat, waiting for my mother to get out of the car and open the door for me, allowing me to go and play. The door next to me clicked open, and after I was released from the car seat holding me down, I jumped out of the car, running past my mother and into the park, immediately going towards the slide.

I could hear my mother yelling after me to be careful and watch where I was going, and I knew these things already, so I mostly ignored her.

I climbed the 10 low steps that led to the slide, watching my footing, and reaching the top after no time. Looking around, I noticed my mother just sitting down on the grass beside the playground, and setting down her purse along with our picnic basket. She looked up and spotted me, waving delightfully. After waving back, I looked down to the swings, which I had set in my mind as to my next destination after the slide.

That's when I noticed a boy, he was sitting alone, and he looked upset. He only glanced at the ground, looking no where else. This boy was very cute, at least cute enough for a three and half year old to think.

I smiled, jumping onto the slide and went down, running to the swing set as soon as my feet hit the ground. I set myself on the swing right nest to his, staring at him until he decided to look up. He peered at me confused.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"You can see me?" He asked back.

"Of coarse silly!" I laughed, poking his shoulder.

"How?" He squinted at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Your human, that's how, duh."

I would never have thought of how wrong I was by saying such a simple statement. I was to find out much more about this boy years from now, I remember it to be the age of 14, that's when I really started putting the pieces together.

"Sure" he answered, sighing.

"What's your name?" I asked again.


"That's a cool name, my mother has a friend named Daniel. My names Jazelle, Jazelle Roberts to be exact."

"That's A pretty name" Daniel complimented.

"How old are you?" I continued to pester him with questions.

"Five, and a half."

"I'm three, and a half."

"Well it was nice to meet you" I smiled, before jumping off the swing and running back to my mother.

She sat in the same place I had seen her not 10 minutes ago.

"Who were you talking too?" She questioned, looking worried as she tucked a hair behind my ears.

"Daniel, the boy over there" I pointed at him, only now noticing that he had the faintest glow surrounding him, almost as is he were a candle, or a glow stick that had just been broken.

"There's no one there dear."

"Yes there is, the boy sitting on the swing."

She looked down at me with a strange expression, but it soon disappeared as she told me to go and play.

I walked slowly away, hearing her mutter something about imaginary friends. Daniel was far from imaginary, but he was also far from human.

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