Healing Worlds

I was born dead.
I cannot undo what I have gone through.
No matter how hard I try, I will always be that girl.
What happened to us was a long time ago, and how it happened is history.
Am I alive? Of coarse, I live in the flesh.
Daniel was a big part of this too, but I cannot fathom enough to tell his part of the story, therefore, it will remain untold.
He's not with me any more anyway, but he's not dead, no one is ever dead.


4. 5 years to be exact

March 15th 2008

"Happy Birthday!"

My mother smiled placing a cupcake in front of me.

"Enjoy it, because it's the one day you can eat dessert for breakfast" My father smiled with her, patting my shoulder.

The cupcake was chocolate, always chocolate, with a pink wrapper.

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