Finally toghether

Luke hemmings I love you and I will never regret saying it


1. chapter 1

Hi my name is Abigail Hilton and I'm from Austrailia . I am no ordinary teenager because I am a world famous you tuber and the most popular (not a slut) girl on my campus. My boyfriend is Bradley Simpson and my best friend since I was in kindergarten Luke Hemmings . I am very Tom boyish girl and I love it. Today was the day of my life I was turning 18. The first thing in the morning was me getting splashed by cold water from Luke . I woke up to a nice breakfast in bed made by my favourite chef in the whole wide world Ashton Irwin. Yes if you are wondering I am living with the 5sos boys right now. And then it hit me that this day of last year was my breakup with Bradley.

Luke pov

Today I have planned an amazing surprise for Abi . I had this planned for last year but she was with Brad. I went up to her room and saw her laughing and I could see the shimmer in her eyes . She was looking beautiful even in her batman pyjamas. I liked since eighth grade but Bradley he had to butt in. He was

one of my friends and he knew that I liked but he still had to ask her out. I asked the other boys to go out of the room . "Abi I have something special planned for you so be ready we are going at 6;30" I said and I walked out the door down to the kitchen.

Abi pov

I was thinking about what I should wear the I decided to go downstairs and ask Luke. As I walk down the stair case I see Ashton lying in the corridor. " ash please don't tell me you r doing that stupid meditation thing again" I shouted.

"No but in need you to pull me up"

" okay" I walk down to him and give him my hand he pulls me down into his chest. Calum walks out of his room and asks what is going.

"Nothing Calum Ashton just pulled me down." It was 4:30 so I decided to go and get ready. I decided on going with a cute and sexy dress. The top was tight and sleeve less with flowers printed on it and the bottom was loose and peach. I had my hair in soft curls and I did some smokey eyes. I walked down making sure tho grab my boots. I slowly went into the living room to find Luke on his phone, Ashton in the kitchen and Calum and Michael playing a video game. As soon as the boys saw me whistles erupted the whole house.

Ashton pov

I was stunned as she came down the last step of the stair . She was wearing a sexy dress and those black boots. I was on cloud nine until whistles filled the house. When she fell onto Luke a burning feeling grew in my chest . Her silky and angel curled hair fell on Luke's face. That was supposed to me but why am I jealous they are just best friends. I ran up to my room.

Abi pov

As I was hugging everybody goodbye Ashton ran up to his room. He has been acting weird lately ." Shall we go" Luke asked.

"Huh..yea" I grabbed his room and we sat down in his we were driving of to the unknown place 'heart break' started to play. We both started singing along and we reached the destination he blindfolded me.....,,,

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