There once was a deity named Peter Pan. He had been cast away from the heavens above to live in solitude in eternal youth for a crime against the gods. Cast away to live in a realm that played the same loop over and over again. It was an island where Peter found himself cast. There were mythical creatures and adventures like no other. He could play pranks on Spanish pirates and live his days together, stuck on the age of a boy and not being able to change into a man. Peter Pan loved the first centuries for there was nothing more enjoyable. He would often laugh at the gods and ask the sky, ‘This is not punishment! This is a gift!’ The gods of course said nothing and knew that Peter would soon experience his punishment.


1. Prologue



Every so often a shift is created in the universe. For some this shift means absolutely nothing, people will go on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. This rift between time and space usually causes unexplainable things that we have no explanation for. Miracles are birthed, disasters strike and new discoveries are made. Ordinary people were left alone from this paradigm. They would continue on, never to know that the most wonderful thing was occurring again, and would not occur for another 10 years. There were of course people that were not so ordinary, why what would a world be if everyone was completely normal? These people were special and were often never seen again, choosing instead to live away from the sameness that accompanied Earth. There were not too many people who were chosen, for it was a wonderful thing to be. It all depended on a person’s trait and whether they had what it took.

Wendy Darling however was no ordinary girl. She had experienced the shift and was one of the very few that had crossed through this very rift and seen a world like no other. She had made daring adventures and as her twelve year old self called it, fallen in love. Twelve years old she had been a child, curious and excited over the simplest things. Though she was in fact one of the few to escape the dream like state that this world brought and grow up. Wendy often dreamt of what would have happened if she had stayed, forever in the body of a child but holding memories far above an adults. Perhaps she would have ended up like him. Forever wishing but simply denying. Eyes expressing so many emotions yet words conjuring up adventures that only a boy could. Lonely and afraid, yet lively and enthusiastic.

She would be also lying if she said she never dreamt of him as well. His beautiful blonde hair, and expressive blue eyes. He had been her first kiss and first love. 10 years later and he still held power over her heart. Twenty two and Wendy had not married nor loved again. It seemed an insult to him to do such a thing for she had promised she would never forget him, as he had done to her. Sometimes she often questioned that promise. Ten years and she had not seen him once. She was an adult now and yet she still dreamt of child like passions and a boy who could never be hers. Did he still think of her? Did he look up to the stars of his world and fall asleep under their glare, yearning to have her by his side? Or were her thoughts now too mature for the fifteen year old boy to comprehend, because at the end of the day even if Wendy Darling did see him again, Peter Pan would still be a child and she would be an adult. 

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