The Therapist >> h.s.

"There are other ways to be free.", He says, looking up in to my eyes. I keep my sharp stare at him, "Not if you aren't allowed to have it." © Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014. All rights reserved.


6. v

"How did it go last night? Did you listen to it?", He asks as he walks into the room.

I shake my head, "No I didn't."

He smiles big, "I'm so proud of you! How do you feel?"

"Better.", I smile. "I wrote instead, I needed to do something to distract me before I go to bed."

Harry smiles, "Can I hear it?"

"It's a bit embarrassing. ", I blush, pulling out my journal.

"I won't judge.", He smiles.

I open up my journal to where I was writing last night. I sigh and say, "I always tell myself that there is always that next time. Next time I'll be more careful with myself. Next time I won't crumble beneath him. Next time I won't fall in love. Next time I won't get attached. I won't rip my happiness out of my chest and put it in his hands. Next time I won't trust him with everything I have. Next time I won't be so naive.", I reveal very softly. Harry leans in wanting me to continue. His pen ready to write more on his notepad.

"Next time I will be able to say his name without tears blurring my eyes.Next time I won't cut so fucking much to forget him. Next time I'll know how to breathe without him. But will there really be a next time?", I ask. My throat closed up trying to stop tears from just falling.

"It will happen, Jenna.", He says comforting.

"Just not with you.", I spat. His eyes go to the floor and I completely stand up and almost yell, "Go ahead. Hurt my feelings. I really don't mind. Please don't be nice or shy, because I can't take the pity anymore."

Harry shakes his head, "Stop it."

"I"ll break my heart myself, not over some guy."

Before I could continue, Harry's lips were on mine. It was soft and comforting. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. 

We needed each other.

I needed him

He needed me. 

He pulls away to quickly and whispers, "This is wrong."

"Does it feel wrong?", I say quickly.

He shakes his head no and quickly kisses me again. His hand goes down to the small of my back, pulling my chest to his.  I grab onto the buttons of his shirt, but before i could unbutton any he pulls away completely.

"I have to go.", He spats quickly.

"What? Now?", I ask as he quickly and clumsily gets his stuff.

He sighs, "I have another patient, and I'm going to be late."

I stop him from going to the door, "Just reschedule."

He looks down, "Goodbye Jenna." He pushes past me and walks right out of the door, leaving my heart to crumble and my mind left in confusion.

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