The Therapist >> h.s.

"There are other ways to be free.", He says, looking up in to my eyes. I keep my sharp stare at him, "Not if you aren't allowed to have it." © Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014. All rights reserved.


5. iv

Harry and I both were laughing as we walk inside. For a couple hours I felt complete happiness. The type of happiness that you crave when you are drowning in the sea of sadness. 


I glance up to my mom and our laughter died, almost instantly. She glances at Harry, "You should go."

I grab onto his arm, "No. I want him to stay."

"It's okay I'll be back tomorrow.", He looks at me and half smiles.

I turn to him, "I want to talk."

He nods and I look back at mother, "Mom, why don't you go to your AA meeting? I think you need it."

She sends me a glare, as i grab Harry's arm, taking him back to my room.

"You know you shouldn't really talk to your mom like that."

I laugh, "And why shouldn't I?"

"Because one day she will be gone. You might not think it is a big deal right now, but when it happens, it will kill you.", He takes a breath, looking back down in his bag. "I made you something."

A smile lighted up my face, "Me?"

He nods and pulls out a paper with some passage written in it. It read:

tell of a girl

lost in the world

i froze in a moment

she changed it all

she isn't dead nor alive

i am neither alive or dead

we both aren't living

just trying to survive


I re-read it probably a hundred times. Not because I couldn't understand it, I got the message clearly. It was us. It was a poem about us. The handwriting was a piece of art. So delicate but harsh. Some attempts were scribbled out. It had a little "h.s" at the end.

"You wrote this?"I ask, a half smile appeared on my face.

He smiles, "Yeah I did. You draw, I write. I hope it isn't to weird. I just used you as my inspiration."

My heart fluttered, but I could hear Nate's voice behind me. It tried to stop me, but I fought against it. I went up and hugged Harry. 

"No one has done something like this for me."

He smelt like peppermint. The type your mouth would water for. He pulls away, his green eyes searching mine, "You're welcome.", rolls off his tongue. 

I walk over to the side of my wall where all my drawings are placed. I take a tack and attach the poem to my wall. I smile as it stands out. 

"You didn't have to put it up", he says.

"Yes I did.", I smile

He sits down, on the chair that he normally does, "What did you want to talk about?"

"How I feel.", I say plainly.

He nods, "Go on."

"Feels like I have something pulling me back. Like a force. But there is nothing. I want to be happy, but I have forgotten. Because I forgotten him. He was, something. He was the something that kept me together. That kept me whole. That kept me alive. When he left me it feel like someone stole that from me. Like I could have stopped it but I didn't have the ability.", I take a breath and look down. I use all of my power not to cry. "He had a favorite song. We would have to listen to it overtime he would come over. I listen to it overtime before I go to bed."

He sighs, "I need you to do something for me tonight."

I nod, "What?"

"Don't listen to it."

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