Why Can't He See?

Big time 5SOS fan Taylee just won tickets to a One Direction concert and 5SOS is the opener. Front row seats. Backstage passes. What will the boys think of her?


2. The Big Win

The sun shining through my window brutally woke me. I groan and rub my eyes. "TAYLEE!" I hear someone call. It's Aylee. My best friend. "WHAAAAAT?!" I yell back. "GET YOUR LAZY ASS DOWN HERE! ITS IMPORTANT!" I groan again and get up and head down the stairs. As soon as I am in sight, Aylee yells, "TAYLEE! THE RADIO STATION IS GIVING AWAY TWO TICKETS TO THE ONE DIRECTION, 5SOS CONCERT IN 3 MINUTES!!" I am wide awake now and run down the stairs. I hug her and grab my phone. "What's the number?" She smiles and I type in the number counting down the minutes. When the host announces that he will take callers I press call and cross my fingers. "Congratulations!! You have just won two front row tickets to One Direction!" Is all I hear on the other line. I freeze. "Um..hello?" I snap out of my trance. I can't breathe. "O-oh my god. I can't believe this!! Thank you so much!" I say in one breath back to the host. "Don't mention it! The tickets will be on their way!" I squeal, thank the man again and end the call. I turn to Aylee with tears rushing down my cheeks and scream at the top of my lungs.

Should I continue?? Tell me what you think(:


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