Why Can't He See?

Big time 5SOS fan Taylee just won tickets to a One Direction concert and 5SOS is the opener. Front row seats. Backstage passes. What will the boys think of her?


3. "I need help"

It's been a week since the call that changed my life. I still can't believe it. The concert is in 3 days. I need to figure out my makeup, clothes, hair, nails, etc. I need Aylee. I take my phone out and dial her number. "Hellooooo babeeeee!" She answers cheerily. "Hey Ay. I need your help." "What can I do for ya?" "I need help with ideas for getting ready for the concert. Help me?" "I'm on my way!!" I hear a click signaling the end if the call and laugh. I scan my closet for the thousandth time and wish for an outfit machine like in Clueless. Lost in my thoughts, I jump when I feel something tap my shoulder. I turn around quickly and see a red faced Aylee, doubled over in laughter. I glare at her and laugh softly. "Hey gurl!" She says once she catches her breath. "Hey loser." I say back. She glares at me and I laugh. I grab her hands. "Help meeeeee!!" I whine. She laughs at me and looks through my closet. "It looks like you need to go shopping!!" "Um I don't have money." Aylee smiles, "but I dooooo!!" "Aylee! You're not going to buy my concert stuff!" "Uh yes I am! You are brining me to this concert so the least I can do is get you what you are wearing!" I sigh, "fine." She smiles and grabs her purse. "Let's go!"

Hey guys. Sorry for the short chapter. I'm exhausted. I'll post another chapter tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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