The Scorpion's Revenge

Sasori is back alive again and is intent on getting his revenge of Sakura for killing him, but something horribly goes wrong when he is all of a sudden bound to Sakura, and the worst thing is…they can’t kill each other in order to survive. Drama, humour and just one big messed up plot. Will they both be able to get free from this bound, or are they stuck with each other forever…read and find out (✿◠‿◠)


2. Sakura's odd Morning

These were rare times where Sasori would feel completely embarrassed, considering that he’s a puppet and all. What the embarrassment was all about…he walked into a tree. How it happened…well, he was walking through the mist village, it was quiet and isolated or so Sasori thought, that was until a child came running up to him and ran into him. He looked down at the child with a slightly stern look. The child stepped away from him in slight fear but quickly got over it when he noticed that there was a tree in Sasori’s path and Sasori, being the unfortunate one kept walking still giving the kid a light glare and had to twist his head a bit to keep going with that expression…that was when he turned his head back around and walked straight into the tree, his arms outstretched in front of him on either side of the tree.
“Haha hey mummy, look at that silly man, he walked into a twee!” the little boy called out to his mother as she walked up to him and frown.
“That’s not nice Tatsu,” the mother scolds and pulled the boy away from the scene.
Sasori had not moved a single muscle or well wooden joint ever since he ran into the tree. If he was human, his face would be beyond flustered and his body quivering in anger, but that wasn’t the case so he just stayed in that position for a bit before slowly pulling away from the tree. He glared at it and kicked it, treating it as if it was a person. “Stupid tree, just to make my life worse as it is already. First I get killed by that pink hair brat…what was her name, oh yeah that Sakura chick and not to forget my grandmother the old hag, then I get brought back to life by that wacko old man and now I walked into a fricken tree, can this day get any worse!” he muttered darkly at the tree. If someone was to walk past, they’d think he was pretty crazy or something.
Just then, it began to rain. Sasori stood there with a glum look of defeat and bowed his head in shame; he was defiantly going to kill someone if things don’t go his way soon enough, but first…
“ACHOO!” Sakura sneezed and rubbed her nose a little.
“Hm, it sounds like someone’s talking about you Sakura?” Lady Tsunade said and chuckled lightly. Sakura sheepishly rubbed the back of her head and grinned.
“Probably, or it could just be a cold coming on,” she suggested and shrugged it off. “So anyway, what was it that you wanted my lady?” she asked, hopefully changing the subject to get this meeting over and done with, she does have a pretty tight schedule today.
“Well, I called you here to show you this,” Tsunade reached over to the top draw and opened it, pulling out a short piece of thread; it was thick and is a light blue colour, kinda looks like a chakra string except it doesn’t glow.
“W-What is it?” Sakura asked, examining the piece of thread her teacher is holding in front of her.
“This is binding thread, when two people hold onto it at the same time; they are bound together and cannot leave each other within arm’s reach, kind of like a hand cuffs but invisible,” Tsunade explained, placing it a fair distance away from herself and right in front of Sakura who was mentally screaming in her head to move back a bit.
“Okay, but why are you telling me this?”
“Because I’m going to assign this to you to hold onto for a while, I trust you with this and I trust that you won’t be as stupid as to bind yourself to someone. This is very important, I have a lot of work to do and I can’t possible do two things at once.” Tsunade replied seriously.
“Okay, but say if I did happen to bind myself to someone, is there anything I should know,” Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow at her teacher in suspicion. Why her? Why did it have to be her who is getting this, does her teacher even know her at all!?
“Well, I hope you don’t because you’re going to be stuck with that person for a very long time, maybe even forever at that.” Tsunade responded just a tad harshly, “and if that happens, I’m not sure you’ll be able to be a shinobi anymore, unless you were bound to someone intelligent and high ranked.”
Sakura gulped and began to sweat lightly, her eye twitched as she blandly stared at the piece of thread. “W-what about side-affects, anything I should know on that?” she weakly asked.
Tsunade looked up in thought, tapping her index finger to her chin, “Well…let’s say if you were bound to someone you hate, if you killed that person, you would die as well because this binding thread is well meant for people who love each other so much, they would literally be bound together and die together to say the least,” Tsunade answered. “But that’s all I know of so if you don’t have any more questions, you’re dismissed.”
“Y-yes my lady,” Sakura bowed and took the thread from the table and shoved it in her pockets and walked out of the room. Once Sakura closed the door, she leaned on it heavily and started breathing rapidly. No, this can’t happen to me! Why me of all people, why couldn’t it be Neji of Shikamaru at the least?! She thought and sighed deeply before recollecting herself and started heading towards Ichiraku Ramen to meet up with Naruto and Sai.
As she was though, she rounded the corner and stopped in her tracks. She saw just up a head that Shino had his head to the wall and well was leaning off that while Hinata was trying to calm him or something and Kiba laughing his butt off with Akamaru doing the same. Sakura raised an eyebrow at this strange event and walked up to them. “Hey guys,” she greeted.
“Oh hi Sakura,” Hinata exchanged back and dipped her head in greeting. “H-hey Sa-Sakura,” Kiba greeting and kept laughing, “…” was all Shino done.
“Um, so what’s up with Shino?” Sakura asked, mainly asking Hinata who was pretty much the only sane person so far.
“Um…you see, N-Naruto came by here and said hello to us…but, he forgot Shino,” Hinata replied. Sakura nodded in understanding.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” WHY THAT LITTLE, WAIT TILL I SEE HIM AGAIN! Sakura thought with rage while presently calm. “I’ll have a talk with him, but in the meantime, have a good day,” Sakura said politely and walked past them. She shook her head mentally, to be honest, she felt a little embarrassed, like, how could Naruto do such a thing to poor Shino, was it that hard to remember? She placed her hand to her head and massaged her forehead, which wasn’t so big now that she grew into it, to her thankful delight.
She walked a bit more but her name was called out to her right; she looked up and saw Rocklee…in…speedos, or well, speedos over the top of him spandex. Her jaw dropped and she took a shaky step back when Lee suddenly appeared in front of her, but then she noticed that Gaara was with him as well, and by the looks of it, he seems to be having his share of embarrassment as well. But, she thought on, Gaara’s the Kazekage right? Why was he here of all places…and with Lee? Wasn’t he supposed to be in Suna doing whatever the Kazekage would do over there?
“Hello Sakura, It’s such a beautiful day today, don’t you think!?” Rocklee said dramatically and made a pose. Gaara just stood next to him a bit ridged at the stance.
“Ah yeah,” Sakura said unsure and turned to Gaara, “Um, hello Kazekage, what brings you here?” she asked.
“No need to be formal, just call me Gaara. Tsunade has requested my assistance with something she’s doing at the moment. That’s all I’m allowed to say,” he answered, folding his arms over his chest.
“Oh okay,” Sakura nodded.
“Ah Sakura, your even beautiful when the sun rays down on your face, can I ask if you would like to accompany us,” Lee asked sliding next to Sakura and holding out his hand as he bowed. Sakura inwardly cringed at the sight.
“No, its fine, I’m going to meet up with Naruto and Sai today,” she said.
“Naruto, is it fine that I come with you?” Gaara asked.
“Sure,” Sakura smiled and then she turned to Lee, “Did you want to come too?”
“No, it is fine, I have to meet up with Ten-Ten and Neji, I’ll see you around Sakura,” Said Lee and he took off. Sakura sweat-dropped and turned back to Gaara.
“I guess we should head off now,” was all she said. Gaara nodded and the two began to head to Ichiraku. This sure has been a weird morning today, Sakura thought.
Flames blazed and burnt the houses of the Mist village, people screamed in agony and fright. Bodies lay scattered on the ground…dead. One lone figure walked away from the scene calmly, a smirk present on his face.
Sasori looked up, his face and robe was stained with a great deal of blood, but this time he didn’t care one bit, now he shown them not to embarrass and laugh at him, this was what they got for doing so. He then jumped on one of the trees and took off. In the blazing village, one tiny body now hung on the wall of a house burnt, blood poured from where its heart once was and its face burnt off completely. Written in blood next to it, was initials SA (Stands for Sasori Akasuna) and Revenge.

A/N: Haha yeah, I know this is a short chappy, but the next one will be longer, hoped you liked it xD

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