The Scorpion's Revenge

Sasori is back alive again and is intent on getting his revenge of Sakura for killing him, but something horribly goes wrong when he is all of a sudden bound to Sakura, and the worst thing is…they can’t kill each other in order to survive. Drama, humour and just one big messed up plot. Will they both be able to get free from this bound, or are they stuck with each other forever…read and find out (✿◠‿◠)


1. Reborn

Icy rain cascaded across an abandoned laboratory between two mountains, lighting struck through the sky like shooting stars, illuminating shadows through the forest near the run-down laboratory. People dare not to venture around the area, fearing that death will take its toll and take away their lives, rumours around a small village nearby the laboratory say that there is a ghost haunting the place, some others say that some crazy old scientist still lives there doing who knows what.
Lighting stuck once again, a figure appeared at the front entrance of the laboratory, dressed in a long white coat stained with dried blood. In his hand was a cylinder object, purple coloured roots attracted to it and hung loosely off it. Once every couple of seconds it would make a thumping noise, like it was a living heart outside its protections of its owner. It thumped again, the man looked down at it and smirked wickedly.
Light illuminated again and the man disappeared, he walked through the long abandon hallways, leaving with a squishy sound trailing behind him. Mice in his path scurried away from the man as he made his way to a room, the door ripped off its hinges. He was smiling like a manic, this was it, the day where he shall succeed in this experiment and show the world he is a great scientist and could do the impossible. He held the cylinder in front of his face, eyeing every shape, colour and speck of it, just to make sure it is functional. He walked toward a lone table in the middle of the bare room, test tubes, beakers, thermometers and other nick-knacks shattered all over the place, spilling the chemical liquids that were held inside them. The smell of blood and chemicals intoxicated the room’s atmosphere.
The table that stood alone in the middle held a body, not just anybody but a puppet body, an incomplete puppet body. Its body was covered with a white sheet, leaving only the head in eyesight. Its eyes were closed, with its blood red hair framing its face. The man walked up to it and pulled the sheet off him. The puppets chest had a weird shape on the right side and a large hole on the left side, where the man will put the cylinder in his hands in it. His stomach looked as if it had been cut out and were replaced with a metal rod drenched in some sort of poison, and then there were the simple blue pants it wore. Its upper half was exposed showing the wooden skin which shined in the dim light as he was recently polished to perfection.
The man examined over the puppet, finding everything to his liking and placed the cylinder gently in the gap of his chest, it clicked into place, and all there was to do now was waiting for his puppet to wake up. The man looked at it with eager tension in his blue eyes. Holding the edge of the table in a death grip, he must make this work, it just has to or his life will all be in ruins. He waited so long for this day, spent all his time fixing up the puppet he found in a ruined crumbled cave. He spent approximately two years working on him until this day, too much work has been put into this project, and if it didn’t work…well, he guessed ridding himself from the world is the only option.
It felt like hours since he put the cylinder object into the puppet, and still nothing has happened, still just the lifeless puppet that lay there looking as it was before. That’s it, there was nothing the old scientist could do but admit defeat, he sighed sadly and turned and walk to a desk in the far end of the room and scribbled down some note about his unsuccessful attempted to bring an incomplete puppet back from the dead. There was something that bugged him to no end, it was a puppet, but it wasn’t either, it was human as well. How could a puppet be human anyway? Did he turn himself into a puppet and the cylinder in his chest was his heart that he kept to be alive? The man shook his head in frustration and looked back at the puppet. How did he die? That was another thought that corrupted his mind. When he retrieved the puppet boy, the whole place looked as if there had been a war.
He turned back to his work and wrote more notes down. Over at the table where the lifeless puppet lay, the purple roots of the cylinder started to thump lightly. The puppets fingers twitched ever so slightly, while his toes flexed up and down and rotated in cycles. His eyes shot open, but quickly he closed them at the blinding light above him. He lifts his arm up slowly to shield his eyes from the light and moved his eyes from side to side. Where am I? He thought and slowly sat up. Instantly he realised he was back in his normal puppet body and not the one he had to switch into, basically at the end of the battle between him, the old hag and that…that brat with that ridiculous pink hair. Subconsciously his hands turned into fist, baring his teeth at the memory when he last saw that pink hair brat. She punch him in the face, which was very pointless in so many ways, all she was doing was basically hurting her own fist, it’s not like he could feel pain or anything…pathetic. He also remembers about telling them about his spy and the information the spy had with him. Sasori groaned inwardly at the memory, he had to admit, that was a very pointless thing he did too.
A sound in the distance caught the puppets attention; he slowly turned his head to the direction of the sound. He caught a glimpse of a man in a long white coat, doing something over at the table he was seated to. Was that the man that brought me here? Sasori thought. Well, whoever he is, he’s not going to live for very long. The puppet eased his way off the table his laid on and walked over to the man at the desk, pulling his arm off from his elbow to reveal a blade underneath.
The man that was writing, heard a faint noise behind him, he turned around to come face to face with an expressionless face. He yelped and staggered back a couple, eyeing Sasori with fear and triumph. He did it, his creation is alive, now he can prove to the world that he is the greatest and shall be respected like he should have long ago. “Your alive, you’re really alive…I did it, I can’t believe it.” He clapped his hands in joy, a wide grin plastered on his wrinkled face. “Now puppet, go fetch me my case down the hallway to your right, will you?” he waved his hand at Sasori, indicating for him to leave.
Sasori just looked at him; did he just order me to do his dirty work? Well he’s got another thing coming if that’s what he thinks. Sasori held up the blade attached to his arm and pointed it at the man. “I think you got it wrong old man, I’m not a slave to anyone…got that,” he hissed.
The man moved away from the puppeteer, he held his hand up and said, “I don’t understand why you are defying me? I’m your master; I brought you back to life, you should be grateful and do what I say.” He quivered a bit; this puppet won’t kill him…right? He gave the puppet another chance to live, why is it being so ungrateful? “Please don’t do this, I beg of you.” The man got down on his knees and clasps his hands together, holding them in front of his face.
“Why would I keep you alive? Your nothing but dead weight,” Sasori said quite bored, inspecting the glinting knife attached to his arm with no interest. He had no reason to keep the old man alive, what use could he be to him now; yes there was the part when he revived him, but that was it.
“I-I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t kill me!” he cried and bowed even further now that his head was touching the ground, his body shook violently of fear.
Sasori looked down at him and approached him, a smirk ghost his lips. “There is nothing you can do for me, nothing that would benefit me in anyway,” he said a matter-of-fact.
“But…you don’t know where you are, without my help, you’ll get lost and-and I can supply you with anything you want, seeing at you’re a puppet and all you can make more and-”
“You talk too much,” Sasori stated. “But…you do have a point, so I’ll keep you alive for now.” he connected his arm back together so the blade was hidden once again, then he grabbed the old man’s shirt collar and hauled him up so his feet were dangling in the air. “Now, shall we begin?”
The man gulped and clutched at the puppets wrist to keep himself in place. “W-well, what is it that you want first?” he asked nervously. He looked at the puppet and then at the door quickly before looking back, if he could get out of his grasp and keep him occupied with something, then he could get away to somewhere safe instead of here with the maniac puppet boy.
“Where am I?”
“You’re near the hidden Mist village, between to mountains just south,” the elderly man answer, too quickly for his liking, he gulped when Sasori frowned and tightened his grip on the man’s collar.
“How long will it take for me to get from here to the Leaf village?”
“About 2 to 3days I assume if you travel fast enough. C-can I ask why you want to go there, their very high up in security nowadays,” replied the man.
“Revenge,” was all Sasori uttered out and threw the man against a nearby lab bench; the old man grunted in pain and fell to the floor. He weakly looked up at the approaching puppet master and he quickly scrambled to his feet as he saw Sasori pull his arm off to reveal the hidden blade again.
“Please I beg of you, don’t kill me, give mercy!!!” the man cried out and coward under that puppets darkened chestnut eyes.
Sasori stopped at the foot of the man and raised his blade up at him. “No,” and right after that, he shoved the blade in the old man’s chest, bits of blood quirted out and stained a bit of Sasori’s face. He looked on in disgust as the man choked up his own blood and fell lifeless onto Sasori; he roughly shoved him away while pulling his blade out and reconnecting his arm together then turned around. He then looked down at himself and frowned disapprovingly, he defiantly was not going to wear this attire for starters. He scanned around the room and a long black robe caught his eye. He walked up to it slowly and noticed that it was his Akatsuki robe, sighing in relief; he grabbed it and slung it over him. That’s feels so much better than being in those disgusting rags I was in before, he thought in distaste.
He walked over to one of the lab benches and washed his face clean. Once he was happy with himself, he took the man’s information and walked out of the building, his next stop…Konoha.

A/N: Yeah I know it's darkish at the start, but that's just the intro, hope you like it so far and trust me, it will get better xD

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