Dead Anyway

Emily Odell doesn't have the best life. When a hurricane hits and kills the family she loves, it's even worse. In the aftermath, the item left in the rubble she's most interested in is a business card. Weird much? Well, the card has the address of some crazy old gypsy lady on it, and Emily gets the idea that this woman might have something to do with the odd fact that everyone in the house but her died. Meeting the gypsy has a death curse involved, and Emily is determined to make the last days of her life the most memorable. But will she have enough time before death?


21. Emily's Passing

Twenty-nine days later, Emily Shera Odell passed away at 11:59 p.m. in her sleep. She was mourned by many. Her funeral was held at the New Orleans Episcopal Chapel. Her grave was mounted in New Orleans Past Days Cemetery. She never told anyone about the curse.

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