Dead Anyway

Emily Odell doesn't have the best life. When a hurricane hits and kills the family she loves, it's even worse. In the aftermath, the item left in the rubble she's most interested in is a business card. Weird much? Well, the card has the address of some crazy old gypsy lady on it, and Emily gets the idea that this woman might have something to do with the odd fact that everyone in the house but her died. Meeting the gypsy has a death curse involved, and Emily is determined to make the last days of her life the most memorable. But will she have enough time before death?


1. Introduction

My life is screwed. It just is, there's no further explanation. I'm the kind of girl who you never see, the kind who goes to "The Invisible School", properly named 5th Avenue High School, because it's on 5th Avenue. Anyway, yeah, I'm that invisible girl, Emily Odell. I'm also a coward. The biggest coward the world has ever seen, probably. I'm bullied, and I don't even blame anyone but myself for that. I'm the kind of kid that other people bully because I'm nerdy and don't wear makeup and have hand-me-down clothes. So, back to cowardice. I'm cowardly because I never fight bullies back. I let them beat me up and run when I get the chance. I don't fight back because I don't want to create more trouble. Like today, for example. Lillian Harper and I got in a little scratch. Well, actually, I was staring at her very hot boyfriend (who I didn't know was her boyfriend), and she got all huffy because she thought I was trying to steal him or whatever. So, she walks up to me and says, "What do you think you're looking at?" so I say, "nothing". A likely story. Then she slaps me across the face (hard) and says, "You lying little (not-so-nice word)! I saw you looking at my guy!" Then comes several "Ooooh"s from annoying, nosy bystanders. "I was not aware that he was 'your guy'", I had said through gritted teeth. She squints at me and then flips her Barbie-blond hair and stalks off, making out with her "boyfriend" as she walks, which didn't work out too well, so eventually they just stop and start making out in the middle of the hallway. Can I just say WTF? So yes, I'm a coward. People are bullies. I wish I had friends...

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