My bestfriend's sister

I'm Riley Clifford.My brothers in a boy band with 2 guys I don't know and his friend Calum.I don't like telling people about Mikey's little band cause some losers out there will use me to get to him and his friends.Anyway I'm 17,I have dark hair, blueish-greenish eyes,and I may or may not have an attitude problem.

Read on to see what happens when she's forced to go on tour with her brothers band.


2. Winning COD

"So how much time you guys got left before you go back on tour?" I say focusing on the controller

We were playing COD and I was kicking punk rock ass!

"NO FAIR!MIKE SHES CHEATING!"Calum yelled after I killed him for the 7th time

Micheal just shrugged while I stated" Mikey,He's so fucking awesome at COD! See now we both said a lie,does it make you feel better Cal"

"No,meany..." Cal mumbled."suck it up and click play" I gave him a side hug and then a punch on the shoulder.

"Are all girls like this?!" Cal yelled."Yea that's why you can never get a date,girls don't like guys who suck ass at COD,no offense cal" I laughed

"Much offense taken and mike are you not gonna say anything about that language"

"yea I am, gonna isn't a word"mikey laughed and I joined.Just like old times where we would tease cal.

The front door opens "sup bitch I got food!"Zander and Skye yell raising a bag of Taco Bell up

I run and jump to grab the bag from his hand

"I'll be confiscating this for...further inspection"I said walking back to my spot.

"Hey Sky,come help me beat boyband ass at call of duty.You can join too Z just careful not to get ur ass kicked too in the process"I say patting the spot next to me

"HEY!We're not a boy band,we're punk rock!"

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