My bestfriend's sister

I'm Riley Clifford.My brothers in a boy band with 2 guys I don't know and his friend Calum.I don't like telling people about Mikey's little band cause some losers out there will use me to get to him and his friends.Anyway I'm 17,I have dark hair, blueish-greenish eyes,and I may or may not have an attitude problem.

Read on to see what happens when she's forced to go on tour with her brothers band.


1. home

Riley's POV:

Mikey should be home any second now.He's my brother so I just stayed in what I always have on, my batman shirt and leggings.

I hear knocking at the door.MIKEYS HOME!

I run down the stairs to the door."Riles!" He yelled hugging me.I noticed 3 guys behind him.2 of them I don't know

"Welcome home mikey" I say turning my attention toward Michael.

"Thanks.Riley,this is Luke,Ashton"He says and points them out to me."Lads,this is my sister Riley"

"Hey" Luke and Ashton say

"Hi Riley" Calum says hugging me."Hey Cal" I say hugging him back

"Hi Luke and Ashton?" I says still a bit confused on their names

"Yup"Ashton says

Luke stayed quite,looking down.

"Well Imma make something to eat,u guys want anything?" I say slowly walking to the kitchen.I didn't wanna make them anything but mum say to be nice to Mikey's friends. Ughh.

"Pizza!"they said in union.

"I think there's some pizza left over from when Sky slept over" I said walking to the kitchen.

"I'll help" Luke said following me into the kitchen.

Mr.nice guy everybody!oh goody

Sure he was really cute but that nice guy act,it ain't working

Luke's POV:

Riley.Just her name was beautiful.I can't stop staring at her

Snap out of it!Shes Mikey's sister!God what was I thinking.

"So what do u need help with?" I ask looking at her eyes.Theyre so pretty,just like her...nooooo not happening I can not get a crush on Mikey's sister

Too late looks like you already have,just admit it.

You know I hate when u get into my head right

Yeah but that's only cause I'm faster than you are at realizing things.

The voices in my head are at war with the thought of Riley and I just met her like 15 minutes ago.God imagine what it's gonna be like on tour once she comes with us...

"If you could grab that plate over there and hand it to me all we'll need to do is take it to the rest of them.Its not really that hard to microwave pizza." She said and I was almost sertain she was holding in a smile

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