Is This Really Happening?

Michael Is Just A Bad Boy, and everyone is getting in the way of us. Will We over come Lindsay and her hellish clique or will our love be pushed lower than the girls?


5. Never Ending~

I stopped running when i got to my street. I heard footsteps, running. Someone was running after me. Before i turn around i hear Ashton,Luke, and Calum saying "WAIT UP MICHAEL!" "Noo" i hear him out of breath.

I stop and turn around "go away Michael!" "Wait what?" "You go walk Lindsay home." "Oh you heard that?" He turned red. "Im sorry i didnt-" Ashton and Luke gasped."he never says that" i begin crying and getting really choked up. I see Luke through my blurry eyes he put the stupidest smirk on his face. "Shut...shut up luke" in that moment Michael lifts up my chin, wips my tears and hugs me. He didnt say anything and he didnt have too.

I standed there, like an the end of my street. People were staring i could feel it. I figured everyone knew Michael Clifford in this town. Michael let go. The boys were gone. I was scared, what would happen next? He had tears in his eyes. " you want to come talk to me?" "No, i have to go" he looked at his phone and ran. That night i couldnt stop thinking about him. He had the most weirdest face ever on.

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