Is This Really Happening?

Michael Is Just A Bad Boy, and everyone is getting in the way of us. Will We over come Lindsay and her hellish clique or will our love be pushed lower than the girls?


3. Meeting All The Guys.

I walked into math class and people were throwing stuff and chatting up loudly. I looked over and there was a seat in between three guys. One waved, one made a crazy face, and one had a lip ring.

"Hi." I say sitting by them.

"Aye im Ashton" said the older looking one.

"Hey Im Calum" said the boy with jet black hair.

"Hi, Im Luke" said the one with the lip ring. "Are you friends of Michael? You just look like it" i say hurriedly."sorta" they say altogether making it seem like theyre meant to be in a band or something.

I smiled at them all. They smile back. "Hi im Mrs.Rissiin. Bre...right over there. Is our new student." She pointed and i covered my face, through my hands i saw the mean girls from earlier. They flipped me off and giggled. I glared at them.

Luke tapped on me, "dont tell her your in a relationship, my god she'll tell everyone no kidding!" He said. I stared at him and Ashton nodded his head viciously. "Wow thats-" the bell intervined my conversation with the boys. "What class do you have next?" "Oh i have English" i say. "Michael and us do too." "Also so do the girls that have beef with you already, the sit by Michael" said Calum half heartedly. "Ugh" i moan, looking to the ground. Ashton ended up walking me to my locker. "Where did you come from?" He kept asking me "Pennsylvania" "USA?" "Yeah" i say, now mourning for my friends more than ever. I stayed silent, and got my books and went to the next class.

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