Is This Really Happening?

Michael Is Just A Bad Boy, and everyone is getting in the way of us. Will We over come Lindsay and her hellish clique or will our love be pushed lower than the girls?


8. Its All Done And Over With

I looked at my phone. More texts from Luke popped up:

Luke Hemmings;)-

Im sorry i didnt tell ahead of time, its just you were new you seemed to dig Mikey...and i dont know im sorry if this ruined us but, i couldnt hold it in anymore your the best.

I texted Luke back:

Me: where do you live?

-a few minutes later-

43256 Fuller St a brown house on the right:)

I looked at the adress and went on google maps, it instantly led me to his house. When i saw the house i ran on the porch and knocked furiously on the door. Luke answered it and scooped me up in his arms. "Luke" i smiled. "Im so glad your okay" "me too" i told him unsurely.

I felt my phone in my pocket buzzing, it was a text from Michael...


Im sorry, i heard luke likes you come back.


sorry, the person youre trying to reach is unavailable right now please go away

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