Is This Really Happening?

Michael Is Just A Bad Boy, and everyone is getting in the way of us. Will We over come Lindsay and her hellish clique or will our love be pushed lower than the girls?


7. Ending It All

I called Chy outside, "just end it, its not worth it anymore." "Bre." "No Chy im done...seriously" i walked back in the house."Goodbye Michael, please dont ever talk to me again." "But..." I walked out and slammed the door shut, i left chy back at the house and ran home.

When i got home i went into my room and stayed there for many days. As i did i shut my phone off.

~5 days later~

I got up and stared at my phone. Then i turned it on. Two minutes later my phone blew up with texts from the guys and Chy, i was going to go to school but still felt like a worthless piece of shit.

Ashton Irwie-

Hey Bre, come to sorry i didnt tell you whats going on...please.

Ashton Irwie-

Bre...please! Im scared....

CAL- worried, i dropped some stuff off at your house for you :(


Love you sis...please come to school...

Ashton Irwie- begging you...


Darling, theres news.




I heard a rumor from school that one of the guys likes like. Its not Ashton hes just so soft and worrysome...

Luke Hemmings;)-

I love you<3

Luke Hemmings;)-

Please baby come back i know that hurt but i miss you.

I stared at Luke's texts with my mouth wide open.

Luke loves me?

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