Is This Really Happening?

Michael Is Just A Bad Boy, and everyone is getting in the way of us. Will We over come Lindsay and her hellish clique or will our love be pushed lower than the girls?


6. Disappeared

I got to school the next day. I walked into my homeroom. But this time something was different. Michael was gone. I walked right out of the classroom, my heart beating like an 808 drum. My fists were clenched for some reason, in my mind Lindsay, that little good for nothing BITCH did something to him. Thats why he'd act that way towards me; i saw his face yesterday.

I hid in the bathroom crying until the bell rang.

When the bell rang, i fixed my make-up and ran towards Luke's locker; i stopped when i saw him talking to a blonde girl that i didnt know. My face turned red. So i set out to find the sweet little guy you call Ashton Irwin. I got to his locker and he was rumaging through it nervously. "Ash" "shit" i heard him whimper under his breath. He winced and turned towards me. "Hey Bre" "where, in gods creation is Michael Clifford?" " sick" i heard girls whisper and snicker behind us. I felt my face turn red and my eyes stung with tears.

"Ashton." "Bre, i got to go to class." "Ashton!" I screamed at the top of my longs as he gently pushed me out of the way. "Get to class." I faced my Math teacher. "Sorry." I got my stuff for my first period class.

About half-way through the class i saw one of the mean girls pass a note to me. I was hesitant to read it, i thought twice then ripped it open. My eyes widened.

Dear, Bre

I know this is weird to hear from your haters but we know something you dont. Talk to me after class. Skip class with us were going out.


I blinked up at Chyanne. She had a worried look on her face. I was scared to death. I stared at the clock. One minute...go! Go! The bell rang and i shot up out of my seat.

"Chy." "Bre, i dont want to be your hater anymore, Lindsay is out of control. Besides your pretty." "Thanks you are too. But what is going on im terrified" "bre" she put her hand on my shoulder. She took a deep breath, "Michael....and Lindsay had sex, and shes pregnant." I dropped my all my stuff on the floor. "Darling i know were she lives were going to see them were going to fix this..." I went numb. I felt nothing, i couldnt feel anything ever again. I was falling for a bad boy named Michael "But, but i love him" Chy gasped. "Im sorry dear" tears ran down my face.

"Lets go" chy says to me closing her locker. "Were going to fix this" i said nothing. We started running to Lindsays' house, i ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I hated that girl with a passion. "Were here" Chy said pointing at a blue house. I glared at the house. Chy knocked on the door and i stood behind her, my face red as a tomato. Michael answered the door with his shirt off. "You bastard you!" "What Chy?" Michael didnt notice me. "You got the bitch pregnant!?" "Obviously" I pushed Chy out of the way. "How? Did you enjoy it?!?? Huh!?" I pushed him forcefully. "What in the hell do you mean?" Chy held me back, "dear...calm down!" I screamed "WHY!?" Once i sort of calmed down, Michael allowed me to go into the house.

Chy led me into the house Michael let us in. "Bre, do you have any questions for Michael?" "Yes. What did you say?" "What?" "When you told Luke something, when i first came here. What did you say?" I was breathing hard and my eyes were producing more tears. "I dont remember." "The hell you dont, this may be the last time you see me ever. Just tell me damnit!" He sighed heavily, "i said you were really cute" i turned away and started crying. "Michael" even Chy said his name in astonishment.

"Why would you do this then Michael?" Chy asked him. "Because ive always been attracted to Lindsay" "you dated like 5 times in the past month get over it" I ran out of the house.

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