Music was our heart, our mind, our everything

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4. "Sleepy Little Town"

Cops showed up at a eleven o'six

With the FBI and their black crown vicks

Cuffed coach Martin with his face in the ground

Neighbors say he got off a couple a rounds

Hundred thousand dollars in an old suitcase

He had a green house in his crawl space

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

There ain't no secrets when the truth comes out

And everybody knows cause the word gets around

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

Stereotypical preachers wife

Everybody loved her she was so nice

Never told a soul about the things he did

Till she took a bottle to the back of his head

They say she simply told 911

"Now he deserved what I just done"

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

There ain't no secrets when the truth comes out

And everybody knows cause the word gets around

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

Woah ooh oh oh oh sleepy little town

Now everyones proud of Mary Lou

She had a full ride to a private school

Gonna be a doctor or a lawyer someday

She's 17 and three months late

We all thought that she'd never been kissed but

She doesn't know who the daddy is

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

There ain't no secrets when the truth comes out

And everybody knows cause the word gets around

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

-Sleepy Little Town by JT Hodges


"May I go see my sister?" I questioned lightly, feeling some serious seperation anxiety. It had been two days and I had yet to see Carson, Lydian, or my sister. I didn't care about the first two, but Melody was my twin!

"I guess," She trailed off, unsure. Before the little nurse could take her answer back, I hurriedly got up and grabbed the tall, slim cart attached to my IV. I walked slowly down the hall and into room 206. Pushing the door open, I shuffled into the small room.

I hated hospitals, really. I used to get this feeling in my stomach whenever I had to visit someone and they usually got highly offended. I know nobody liked them, but I literally hated them. I can't stand 'em.

To say at the least, I was surprised to see her fully awake, watching tv. Her gaze snapped up from Gravity Falls to me. "Damn Har, I was just about to watch Bill be annihilated by Mabel's twin dream boys," She huffed.

I screwed up my face in confusion as she paused the tv. "You look beautiful, Mel," I commented, my gaze sliding over her messy curls and tired hazel eyes.

"Very funny," She gave me a sour expression.

"No, I'm serious," I told her seriously. "I'd go lesbian for you if it wasn't incest," I smirked as Mel rolled her eyes at my slight drop of sarcasm. Regaining my composure and sobering up, I sat in an empty chair.

"So how are you?" I asked, taking a sip of her coffee that was sitting on a table.

"Fine, did you hear about Carson and Lydian?" Melody asked, her wide hazel eyes growing smaller until they were set in a permanent glare at the wall. "I can't believe those two donkeys actually think we'll go with them," She crossed her arms over her chest, sitting up.

I chuckled at Melody's choice words. "Agreed. I heard they were going to whisk us away to Denver, Connecticut," I gossiped, grabbing my IPod from my pocket. "And aside from the topic at hand, I completed one thing on my bucket list," I continued. Mel didn't answer, just motioned for me to continue. "I added a country song to my playlist."

Melody laughed and eagerly took my IPod from my hands. She played it aloud and sang softly,

" When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

There ain't no secrets when the truth comes out

And everybody knows cause the word gets around

When the lights come on in a sleepy little town

Woah ooh oh oh oh sleepy little town."

Her melodic (how ironic) voice warmed my ears as I sang along to JT Hodges' beautiful Sleepy Little Town. "I never thought that you would pick that song. To me, I thought you were a Bottoms Up type of girl," Mel confessed. I stared at her blankly. Never in a million years did I ever consider my sister being a country fan.

"Okay, so I might've gone through Mom's new CDs the other night, but can you blame me?" I just gave her my infamous blank stare once more. "Apparently you can," She laughed and we continued all morning, just talking.


A week had passed since Melody and I had first started visiting each other. As of now, Carson was signing us out while we were left for Lydian to babysit. I felt like a little kid.

And by the look on Melody's face, I had no doubts she did too.

"Ready?" Lydian asked as Carson started to walk out of the hospital. We followed, not bothering to answer the monster. "Will you guys ever talk to me?" Lydian asked in exasperation, throwing his arms in the air.

"Hmm, Mel, do you hear a mouse?" I gave her an evil smile and she returned it wholeheartedly. "But when will we talk to the barbaric donkey master?" We shared a fit of giggles at my new name for Lydian.

"You two are morons," He mumbled and climbed in the passenger seat. "Ready to go home?" He only received twinning dirty looks as a response. As you can see, Mel and I really didn't like him. And probably never will.

"Okay, I don't get something, why do neither of you like Lydian?" Carson huffed as he revved the engine, pulling out of the hospital driveway.

"He chose to leave with Dad rather than stay with us. It was part of the reason Mom beat us. Because she hated the fact her family had fallen apart and all that was left were her brats that should have never been born," Melody explained hotly, surprising everyone. "She hit us for loving music. One time she came home to my pop music and nearly killed us. But then Ian came-" She was cut off by a shocked Lydian and she averted her eyes to the scenery flying away.

"Ian Winters?" Lydian hissed, holding onto the door tightly. "What the hell was he doing there?"

"Relax," I demanded, annoyed. I refused to bring the memory back, so I just ignored his question and rested my head on Mel's shoulders. But when I drifted into sleep, memories started to terrorize me.

"F*cking brats! Why the hell are you listening to music!" Mom shouted, beyond drunk. Her pupils were wide and it made her entire eyes look black. 

"Sorry," I shouted as her focus narrowed on Melody. I do the craziest things to save my twin. "We were just rebelling, Lyric!" I continued hopelessly as she stalked towards Mel."No! You b*tch!" I screamed as Melody was getting hit repeatedly.

After my twin had fainted, Mom turned to me, a murderous look on her face. She slowly walked to me and grabbed me by the neck. I waited for her next move and started wailing when the entire left part of my face was pressed onto the stove.

The flames below mercilessly licked at my face, agonizing pain searing my skin. Black tainted the edge of my vision, but before I could black out, I was knocked away from Mom by the familiar boy.

"Ian?" I choked as he continuously punched my mother, getting her as far away from me as he could. "Please, please don't tell anyone," I pleaded and the school's bad boy reluctantly nodded. 

"Call the police if it ever gets any worse," He ordered in a venomous tone before leaving. Ignoring the harsh tingles in my numb face, I lugged Melody into my room, onto the bed.

And as soon as I set her down, I passed out as well.

"Harmony? We're here," Lydian shook me gently and I stirred, distracted by the the burning in my face. Even if it had just been a memory, I could still feel it in every way.

"Mel?" I swung my head frantically around, trying to locate my twin. Lydian shook his head at me.

"Come on, Har, Melody's already inside," He gestured to the front door of a two story house and I slowly clambered out of the seats. We both walked into the house, greeted by a gust of warm air.

"Harmony!" Melody sprinted over to me and we hugged. "There are three other boys living here!" She exclaimed, twiddling her thumbs. "I've been ignoring everyone, just for you," Mel finished proudly.

"Let's go meet them, shall we? The quicker we greet, the quicker we leave," I yawned and we both jogged in what I correctly assumed was the family room. Sure enough, three boys were playing Mario Kart.

"Woah, I told you guys to wait for me!" Lydian ran over to them and crossed his hands over his chest.

"Dude, not fair! It took you forever just to get the first twin in, but the second?" A boy scoffed, his emerald eyes widening as get took us in.

"I was sleeping, Jerk," I spat and immediately the game was paused, two other boy's turning to face us. Mel gave me a nervous smile. Carson gave me a disapproving glance. "And don't you dare start with the dirty looks, Uncle, because we won't be here long,"  I narrowed my eyes on him, keeping my hostile attitude.

"Melody?" Carson and Lydian chorused, looking hopeful. I didn't bother to spare them a glance, I knew she would take my side.

"Don't come to me, Harmony's right. We are turning eighteen in a month, then you can kiss our asses," She hissed and I mentally highfived her. Oh, how I loved my twin.

"Since our birthday is only a month away, you still need to know everybody. That's Hayden, then Austin, and the last is William," Lydian introduced and I gritted my teeth at our birthday. Hayden was the boy I had called a jerk. He had those emerald green eyes and short black hair. Austin was, no doubt, William's brother. They both shared dirty blond hair and wondering electric blue eyes. "Guys, these are my twins, Melody and Harmony."

Hayden chuckled at our obvious relation to music and snorted. "I guess your family loves music, huh?"

My hard façade dropped and was replaced by a pained expression. "No, Mom hated music," I said, slightly emotionless. Carson and Lydian gave me confused looks, obviously remembering the time when Mom did love music.

"Hey, Carson, is there food?" Melody asked when an awkward silence settled down on us. Carson gave a slight nod and handed us both a hamburger. "Sweet," She hummed and we took a seat on the floor in the family room. "So, are you all Carson's?"

The three boys burst into laughter. "That's a good one, Melody. No, we are Carson's best friend's children. He died in a car accident a year ago, along with your Dad. So we all stay with Carson," They gauged my reaction, knowing we hadn't heard yet.

"Serves him right," I muttered. "I was way to lazy to get revenge on Lennon and Lydian, so I just let karma f*ck your lives up," I finished, taking a bite from my meaty dinner.

"Ditto, Twin," Mel laughed quietly. Carson looked at us with disbelief, the three brothers gave us blank stares, and Lydian actually looked hurt.

"What happened to you, Harmony?" Lydian whispered and stood up, running from the room. The four other boys in the room waited patiently for my reaction.

"I was beaten," I replied, barely audible. But everyone heard me due to the silence and I abruptly stood. "Carson, where's our room?"

"Down the hall, to the left," He answered, in a slight daze. Melody and I walked down where we were directed and entered the room quietly.

"Are you okay?" Mel asked, hugging me tightly. I just smiled brokenly up at her.

"It's just a lot to take in, Mel, just a lot to take in."

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