Music was our heart, our mind, our everything

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2. "Broken"

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away

I keep your photograph, I know it serves me well

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open

And I don't feel like I am strong enough

'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away

-Broken by Seether


"So let me get this straight, you saw Lydian last night out on your walk?" Mel asked, sounding utterly bewildered by the news. "I mean, we knew Dad was back but I thought Lydian would have more sense than to show up around here," She continued on, tapping her foot to one of her songs.

"Me too, but he had the nerve to show up as a bad boy too. He was the stickler for the rules when we were all together," I sipped my vanilla bean frap as I explained this to her.

"True, but a lot have things have changed since we were fifteen," She unconsciously traced her own tattoo. We had been drunk one night while we were fifteen and had gotten it on our arms.  We even got Lydian to get one too.

"Yeah, while he probably lived in a mansion for the last two years, we carried on being hit and broken,"  I seethed. "I don't even get why he walked out on us in the first place," I said as an afterthought.

"Maybe there was no love for us anymore," Melody sighed and parked the car in her usual spot, climbing out.

"Isn't it my two favorite twins!" Ian greeted us at the front doors. "Hello, Harmony, enjoyed our walk last night, perhaps we could have another?" He winked at me and I jabbed my elbow in his chest.

"Jerk," I hissed and for a moment, genuine confusion flickered across his face. "Leave us alone." We both walked to our lockers and got our stuff for English.

Keeping close to each other, we made our way to the class, taking our seats in the back. "Morning class," The teacher, Miss Rishe, greeted, shuffling around at her desk. "This morning we have a new student. Mr. Smith, can you please introduce yourself?"

Many gasps ran through the room as the class recognized our last name. Melody and I just glared at the figure that stood up in front of the class. "Most of you may remember me, but for those who don't or have chosen to forget," He gave us a pointed look as we continued to glower at him. "I'm Lydian Smith, and yes, Melody and Harmony are my sisters," He smirked at us.

"Go to hell," I called out, ignoring the way the teacher narrowed her eyes on me. "How dare you show your face here again," I continued. Murmurs of agreement ran through the class as most knew that Lydian walked out on us.

"Miss Smith, please-"

"No, Miss Rishe, I can handle it," Lydian cut in through gritted teeth. "To answer your question, Harmony, Dad thought I could use the education. We were too busy being rich and famous that I couldn't keep up with the school work."

One look at Melody's broken face made tears roll down my cheeks. She stood abruptly and ran out of the class. I flipped Lydian off before following her out into the hall. She had her ear buds in tightly, rocking in the corner. I sat next to her, searching her beautiful hazel eyes. "Are you okay?" I whispered, opening my arms for her.

"I'm fine," She sobbed, proving that she was indeed lying. "I can't believe he would dare say that! What if he knew what Mom was doing to us?" She demanded weakly, crying uncontrollably.

"Lydian was never the best brother," I pointed out, my own voice cracking. "He would probably still say it."

"Your right," Mel sniffed. "I'm being weak, I haven't cried in two years," She looked at the floor shamefully, averting her eyes away from mine.

"Your not weak," I cradled her, singing softly in her ears. She smiled lightly at me and we just sat there, listening to her Ariana Grande. When the bell rang and students began to leak into the halls, we picked our way to our lockers once more, repeating the process with math.

We could only hope Lydian didn't have all the same classes.


By the time lunch rolled around, Mel and I had seen Lydian in English and Science. No math nor French though, so we were relieved. As calmly as we could with all the seniors' chilling stares, we sat down and began to eat.

"Why hello there, Sisters," Lydian grinned as he plopped down next to us. Mel just turned away from him, facing the eyes of more than half the cafeteria. No doubt the rumor about this morning had spread, and they were wondering if Mel or I would blow up again.

But three fourths of them were on our side, knowing Lydian as his true form: an annoying jerk. Sadly, most on our side of the situation were guys, due to the fact Lydian was famous among girls.

From what I had heard, however, some girls just smiled sweetly at him and demanded the same thing I had; How could he show his face here again.

Besides obvious reasons of leaving us, Lydian used to be an annoying nerdish player: one that made sure we followed the rules, but didn't himself. That included no boyfriends for Mel or me, and him pairing off with half of our grade. He was fifteen!

So we had our appropriate reasons for hating his guts, the fact that he was a hypocrite was just one. "We stopped being your sisters as soon as you walked out on us," I flicked the straw in my milk carelessly, not sparing him a glance.

His jaw clenched as all the seniors waited for what was next. Mel and I shared the same mental smirk and plugged in our ear buds, ignoring the faint yelling from him in the background. All I could pick out was You will never here the end of this! and he was gone.

The tension in the lunchroom visually faded as most clenched people relaxed. "Glad that's over," I paused my Seether and Amy Lee from Evanescene to finish eating.

"Agreed," Melody smiled at me, but it never quite reached her eyes. I could see quite clearly she had heard every hurtful word Lydian had said. I could see it from the distinct broken flicker in her eyes.

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