Music was our heart, our mind, our everything

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5. "Absolutely"

This is the story of a girl

Who cried a river and drowned the whole world

And while she looked so sad in photographs

I absolutely love her

When she smiles

Now how many days in a year

She woke up with hope

But she only found tears

And I can be so insincere

Making her promises never for real

As long as she stands there waiting

Wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes

Now how many days disappear

When you look in the mirror

So how do you choose

Your clothes never wear as well the next day

And your hair never falls in quite the same way

You never seem to run out of things to say

- Absolutely (The Story of a Girl) by Nine Days


I woke up from the familiar shove and opened my eyes, greeted with a tired Melody. "School today," She said in a sing song voice. Finally, an escape from this hellhole, I thought triumphantly. "Are you ready to escape?" She asked in a hush whisper, making me grin.

Oh, how I loved my twin.

We both got dressed in an outfit that was either in our bags or the dressers. Deciding to use our twinning abilities, we dressed the same. I would be Melody, and she would be Harmony.

It was actually quite fun.

We skipped down the hall and into the living room where Lydian and Austin were, passed out. "It's time for school, you lazy asses!" Melody screamed, mirroring my voice and attitude. I grinned childishly at her and she just returned it.

At the sound of the shouting, Lydian and Austin fell onto the floor and the other two brothers came running. " School? We already called you two in sick," Lydian rubbed his eyes.

We both glared at him. "Hell no," Mel told him crossly before kicking him in his manhood. Dang it, I really wanted to do that. "We are going to school. We only have two weeks left, then we're done."

"He said no, and you will listen to him. I'm tired of you girls acting like brats!" Carson retorted, causing us to look at him wide-eyed. Melody immediately ran from the room.

"Melody!" I cried as she slammed the door shut, forgetting that we were switching today. As Lydian took a step towards me, I took a step back. "How dare you, if you don't want us acting like brats, then you'd let us go," I whispered. I was being broken too many times lately. "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go comfort my twin, and then we'll be off to school."

They just nodded, Carson looking at me with an apologetic look. I just brushed him off and steadily made my way to our room. "Hey, Mel, you okay?" I asked, sitting on the floor next to her.

"I'm okay. Can we, can we sing after school today? You can pick the song?" She asked, tilting her head as if that would make everything better. Well, it just might. I nodded slowly, unsure as to what her reaction might be. "Yay! What song do you wanna do?"

"How about something from Tiësto?" I suggested, keeping the fact that we both knew some of their songs in mind. "We could do Red Lights or Take Me?" I offered, scrolling through my IPod.

"Actually, I have the perfect song already in my head. But it's a surprise. For now, let's go to school," Mel smiled blankly and we both entered the living room once more. Hayden had a devious smile on his face.

"I was blessed with the honor to drop you two of at school, since Sir Lydian refuses to go. How are the princesses?" He asked with a bow, waiting for Melody to answer, probably trying to cheer her up. I smiled gratefully at him.

"Very well, kind Dutchess," Melody bowed back before we both erupted into a fit of giggles. Here I was thinking that she would take this with a sour attitude when, instead, she just implied he was a girl. I give her props.

"Fair Princess, I would like to correct you by saying I am a Prince and I am here to make off with her," Hayden smirked and pointed to me.

I feigned an innocent look. "Dear, Prince Ass, please do redirect your sights to someone more meant for you, perhaps Lydian?" I batted my eyes and Mel grinned at me for playing around.

"What's going on?" Lydian asked, rubbing at his eyes. "I heard my name."

"Well first Melody blatantly called me a girl, then Harmony insisted I was gay," Hayden replied dryly as Melody and I couldn't stop laughing. "Oh yeah, and apparently I'm Prince Ass."

"Suits you," Will complemented, giving Mel and me a high five. "Nice job, now off to school. Dad will get mad," He made his voice high pitched and girl like. "Oh! And Mommy needs to give kisses! One kiss for Harmony!" I rolled my eyes as a soft kiss was placed on my forehead. "And one for Melody," Will hummed and place a lingering one on Melody's cheek.

She blushed beet red at Will's obvious display of affection. "Ew!" I shuddered and Mel gave me a glare herself. Hmm, never thought Mel could have a crush on Will. After all, we just met.

And me? Not saying that I ever will, but I could fall for someone like Hayden.


When we first arrived, nothing was different, but as we walked into English, a crowd of people ran over. "Harmony!" One called and I turned to face the girl. I immediately recognized her as Kimberly Rose, the student council president. "Ian won't move from the flag," She told me nervously.

"So, what does that have to do with me?" I prompted irritability.

"He won't move until he sees you. The principal wants you to talk, it's their last resort," Kim tugged Melody away from me. "I'll hang with Mel 'till you get back!"

Ugh, high school drama is sh*t. 

With a reassuring smile from Mel, I walked out of the school and up to the flag pole where Ian was sitting. "Really? Is coming and finding me too hard?" I pressed.

He ignored me and lept to his feet. "Where were you this past two weeks? I was really worried!"

"The hospital," I told him sternly and his mouth fell agape. "Mom almost killed me again, Melody called the police. We were in the hospital for a week. Now we're living with my Dad's brother and my douche of a brother," I explained shortly, growing impatient.

"I saved you a year ago, I thought you already got help," Ian hissed, betrayal lacing his voice.

"I don't need you taking care of me! You're not my boyfriend," I snapped and he looked actually hurt. "Please don't do this again, I have more things to worry about than you." Okay, so that last one might have been a bit harsh, but I had to get my point in there somehow.

I stormed back inside, ignoring the curious looks I received from the milling students.

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